3'thr QB position reserved for canadian players


We were having this discussion and I tough that it would be nice to have your opinion on the idea that should the third QB position be reserved for canadian players ?

Here is my tough on this one:
It would be a good opportunity and it would be really nice, don't get me wrong on this.

But, the fact is that the US is just too much an huge QB & RB factory for the canadian market. In my own little opinion, from all the canadian team, i.e university, you will be able to find realy good players to fill the other positions.

For the QB and RB, there is too few of them. It's only a question of the amount of players available in the canadian pool, like I said, it's just that we're "outnumbers".

Sad but true.

I think the Ratio should be chaged to inculde all posistions, and should be 22 Canadians and 20 Imports per team. So Canadian QBs have a chance to play at QB, and Canadins still have a majority on teams.

I think it should be 21 Imports and 21 Non-Imports. Why are QBs so special?

If the QB has the talent he will play, import or not!

There have been many great QB's in the CIS, I agree. But, they are not coached, trained, or produced to the same level as the NCAA. College QB coaches train their QB's to be ready for the NFL "if" they have the potential to play in the NFL. It all comes down to training and development.

I can think of only one true great Canadian QB- Russ Jackson. Montreal had a QB by the name of Gerry Dattilio who was a canuck as well - he played 9 or 10 yrs if I remember correct. Others have tried- Greg Vavra, Rick Worman and had moderate success. One player who I thought could have been a great QB was Jamie Bone- he never did get a legit shot at cracking a CFL lineup. It takes time for Canadian talent to develop,in any position- Ray Elgaard was a back-up for 3 or 4 yrs before he got a chance to shine as a slotback.

I'd go for making the 3rd string QB a Canadian....If they don't get reps they wont get better.

As a third string they wont get reps anyways. The fact remains that the canadian system for QBs and RBs is nowhere near the level of the NCAA.

The htird string QB is often a guy that hte team is high on but isnt quite ready for the big time so they stay as the third string and learn the system. To force teams to use a canadian at htat position would be stepping on a lot of toes just to get canadians playing at an arbitrary position

I tend to agree with ro1313. Much like kickers I don't see why fans would have to be exposed to inferior play at the most important position just because of a player's birthplace. However at the same time, I have also heard that some Canadian QBs (WHO HAVE THE SKILL) have not been given a legit shot at competing for a QB position. They usually have to be able to kick or play another postion. Now that is both insulting and just plain wrong. Again let talent/athletic ability decide who plays.


I just don't like that QBs don't count toward the ratio...sure, the most talented will play, but make it like the other positions where if you have 3 import QBs, you have to add more canadians in other positions.

So let me get this straight. The very person who in another thread is telling me that Canadian players are BETTER than those in the NFL is calling for reserving slots for Canadian born players so the teams are not made up entirely of NFL castoffs? LOL Sorry but that is funny KKBB, truly funny.

nah, Canadians should hold a majority, not matter how small or big.

and I find you anit Canadian BS unwarented and it makes me wonder if your just here to bust the CFL and it's talent, and not honor it like 99.9% of the posters on here do.

I say 22 imports and 20 Canadians...let the coaches decide from there how to use their QB's. I don't think it would long before some Canadian QB's started showing up on the rosters...the coaches would find that they could use a good backup import somewhere else instead of having one standing holding a clip board. That distinction could go to a Canadian QB.

Ron Lancaster in interview years ago was asked a similiar question about the development of Canadian quarterbackers. He claimed that one of the problems with reserving a roster position for a Canadian quarterback is the lack of universities in Canada that actually have a football programme. I think there are just 20+ schools in all of Canada. With 8 CFL teams and hopefully 10 someday soon, being a quarterback in Canadian University would almost guarantee you a job if you wanted one in the CFL, especially when you consider the actual numbers who graduate each year.

nah, keep Canadians in the majority, but don't segregate the QB position by keeping it separate.

Having QB's exempt from the ratio is an equalizer for all teams. What makes CFL teams successful is having talented Canadian players on the field. Unfortunately the level of disparity among Canadian players is at the QB position. As someone mentioned earlier, the training structure is not in place for Canadian QB's to be as advances as their American counterparts.

I don't disagree that a Canadian QB could not succeed at the CFL level. I do disagree with anyone who thinks the pool of potential Canadian QB's is deep enough to put one on every CFL team and not seriously cripple that team at that position.

Even though 3rd string QB's rarely see action in a season, I don't think that it would be fair to force each team to use a valuable roster spot on a seriously underqualified player

I think the issue isn’t about having Canadian QBS on every team, I think the issue is segregating the QB position so that no Canadian QB has a chance to play as a QB.

But that's exactly the issue Kanga. The argument on this thread was that teams should be FORCED to add Canadian QB's to their team.

I say no, and for my reasons stated above.

To your point Kanga, the current QB exemption from the ratio does not prevent any Canadian player from being able to play QB, it just means that they don't count towards the ratio. If a Canadian can play that position better than an American, I'm sure teams would be all over him (as in the interest in Jesse Palmer)

As an incentive to get teams to look at Canadian QB's, I'd suggest amending the import rule to make Canadian QB's count in the ratio, so if a team were to add a Canadian at QB, they could add an extra US player elsewhere. Just a thought.

So that's kinda what I have been saying all along, 22 Canadians to 20 imports, no realisations on QBs, so you can have a Canadian QB, and still have 20 spots to fill with imports.