3rd quarter skies rush three and continually pressure the QB

The offensive line needs to step it up

Back up QB's not prepared for role. Lack of running game creates issues for backups. The defense played so well all Cats needed was to take care of the ball.

I wouldn't blame this entirely on the O line. The backup QBS were overthrowing receivers even when they did have time. Let whoever is starting next game get first team reps during practice and we will hopefully see an improvement. I also like what I saw from Landon Rice at LT, sure Holley had to help out a bit, but he still played decent.

the tackles on the oline where getting schooled from the pass rush of the eskimos could not figure why Figueroa, Joel was not playing and then i realized Austin did not dress him bad decision

Figs was a late scratch I think. He has been injured and Austin, not having the psychic powers to know Olsen would be injured, wanted to give him an extra game + the bye. Pretty much the same applies to Bomben. Dyakowski had to have his ankle re-taped on the sidelines but was still limping when he came back on the field. We had a patched up OL and rookie QB. Of course a dominant pass rush was going to try to take advantage. OL injuries in-game may also (just a guess here) have contributed to the lack of run game.

Rushing 3 allowed EDM to drop 9 players into coverage, likely giving Mathews and Harris nobody to throw to. They were able to create pressure because a) they are THAT good; and b) O-linemen can only block for so long before either taking a holding penalty or giving up a sack/hurry/other Bad Thing.

Figs has been a scratch the last 3 games if he was still injured he would have been on the 1 game injured list austin just chose not to dress him

Nobody dresses an import o-lineman as a backup.
If Figueroa isn't dressed he isn't ready.
And if he was dressed then either Olson or Lewis would not have been, and you'd be in the same situation if either tackle got injured.