3rd Jerseys

:oops: :x :cry:

You all should have seen the 3rd jersey by now.

This is a mistake! A huge, unmitigated, evil mistake! Ugly and embarrassing. I recommend that everyone stay home this week or you'll puke your guts out when you see what Reebok has reduced your team to.
Edmonton now has the second ugliest 3rd uni in the league. I've had it with Reebok and their queers (not gay, I respect gay) designing unis. What do they have against our team?

If you decide to brave your way to the game please boo lustily.

I haven't seen them yet, sadly. But I do plan on to later on today.

On ourbombers.com they have a topic about the new jerseys and I heard they look nice. All postive coments from the posters there. Like Bob Irving said, "People are going to like them, and people are going to hate them."

I plan on going to the game this Monday and I won't boo lustily over jerseys. That's just sad my friend.

What kind of a sick joke is Reebok playing...
Are they taking cash from the NFL, to make us out for clowns...
I haven't seen them yet, but I trust your judgement, pried40
Third Jerseys should be a vintage scheme, like the old blue and gold.
As for the rest of the League... samething..that would be a treat to watch..

At first I didn't like the Home & Away jerseys when they showed them at the beginning of the season. Now I love the Home jerseys but the Away ones aren't really my cup of tea but I can handle them. Our third jerseys can't be that bad that they want to make you puke...

Check my post on stegallfan's topic, I do exceptly what preid says and it was my frist look!


omg! saw the the new jerseys in the free press im pretty sure some idiot from reebox dreamt this up in the shower, thought he might just make a new bomber jersey, absolutly no imagination on reebox's part...... I just say F U reebox....( theres basically no blue!!!!!) :evil: :evil: :!: :!: :!: :!:

I hate to say it.....and I am usually willing to....but I LIKE the the Gold jerseys.....and from the number of then in the stands today, I'm not the only one.

i didn't like them at first, but they did look kind of cool on the field. i actaully want one - i asked in another thread, but does anyone know where a bomber fan in victoria can get their hands on one? i tried the bomber store site, but no 3rd jersey there. fellow bomber fans, please help!

Since it's not on the Store site, best bet might be to call them directly...

thanks SEction T, will call them tomorrow, hopefully there’ll be some left becoz apparently, they only made a limited amount!

just wish that they be a driter gold and have more blue and the 2004 desgn, that's all. :cry:

I like the gold jersies it's a bit of vintage blue bomber past in the present. I see nothing wrong with them at all.

this jersey was as ugly as Vancouver Canucks yellow jersey back in the 80`s


Please, don't show that here!!!! you will bring back my nightmares!!!!

I am sorry bout what i said about the jersey's And I want people to stop talking bout them. I hated them until i saw them on the field and at the bomber store. They look pretty neat and well i really like them now. And hey they worked cuz well we killed BC with them on our backs

I'm on the gold train. I was questioning them when I saw the picture in the paper but I loved em on the field. It wasnt what I expected but you get drawn to it. Sorry Edmonton you guys should be on a bounty hunt on the designers of your mustard yellow third jerseys. You can only imagine what a 3rd jersey for Toronto would be like. I laugh if its a sky blue, like the old old ones the once wore.