3rd Jerseys?

I've heard several people mention a third jersey for the Lions, but I haven't found any more information on it. Could anyone help me out?

I've heard through their web site that it is the predominately black one probably alot like last season. Have not yet heard what games they will wear it on.

If you guys were on the real message board you would have seen a picture of it posted last week

first of all what do you mean real message board, secondly I just joined a few days ago so go screw yourself weasel boy.

I just joined as well. And what real message board? Could you give me a link to the picture? Thanks.

Here's the third jersey link on www.lionbackers.com

[url=http://www.lionbackers.com/cheer/viewtopic.php?t=6432&start=0]http://www.lionbackers.com/cheer/viewto ... 32&start=0[/url]

and to view it in the 13thman shop:

[url=http://www.13thman.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=27&products_id=72]http://www.13thman.com/catalog/product_ ... ucts_id=72[/url]

Frankly I was hoping for something with a liitle more imagination...

Something dynamic, inspirational, and powerfull for special games at home with vaunted enemies. :idea:

It reminds of the jersey from the early 60's...(Paw print)