3rd jersey revealed

..... one other thing - we are the BLUE bombers, where's the blue??? they look like retro (read, boring) jerseys, at the very least they should've had our W with the lightning bolt thru it. let's see what they look like on the field, but for now - thumbs down!

love the jerseys! brazzel's looking hot sporting that number 84!

for a team called the 'BLUE' bombers..there isnt much blue here

That's why teams have a thrid jersey. So they can make it stand out from the Home & Away jersey. I for one like them.

That looks good! Nice and classic!

Nice & Classic. That's what I like about them too!

Yup, I like them too... and the best thing is they now have a win attached to them...and 4 TDs by Milt and 4 sacks by Walls.

first, i said "thumbs down", but after seeing them on the field, i say "thumbs up"! i like them now - maybe it's due in part to the win, i don't know. on the tv, the W on the neck almost looked holographic - cool. reminds me abit of the notre dame jerseys. i'm sure Clements loves them!!!

just wish that they be a driter gold and have more blue and the 2004 desgn, that's all. :cry:

I think that you are forgetting that they are called the “Blue and Gold”…not just “…Blue”.

a win makes everything look better. i thought they were fine for third jerseys. i still think our last jerseys were the ]nicest ones weve had.

I hope I can get my hands on one. Who should i get? Stegal or Charlie

Yuch! and Double yuch! They look worse on the field than in photos. We should collect all of those gold jerseys, ship them to vancouver, and have them thrown into Georgia Strait along with the Lions black-iforms. Even Cal Murphy designed a better uni than that embarrasment the Gold Bombers wore yesterday.
Since Reebok got involved I haven't spent a dime on GB merchandise this year except for the 75th anniversary book. Good book and it will last longer than Reebok garbage.

One positive thing about the jerseys. People in Hamilton and Edmonton should now be anble to tell the difference between Gold and Yellow.

totally 1000% agree!!! :smiley:


holy cow there guys. A little bit of hate I see. I dont care much about jerseys its the football that counts. RBK has everybody on discussing fashion instead of football. For the record though, I thought the Yellow Edmonton Jerseys were DEADLY. Not enough yellow in the world these days. It matched their helmets perfectly.