3rd Jersey availability

Looking around here and there,and to me it looks as if the only 3rd jerseys printed up are #1- Printers jerseys.Has anyone seen any other players 3rd jerseys around town?Personally,I would like a #12-Dickinson jersey.I didnt like how they looked at the game,but I saw one up close yesterday,and it looked awesome!Where can I get a Dickinson jersey!!!!!

i will let u on a lil tip black cat, if you buy a jersey from the grey cup store down where the scotia bank is downtown off georgia ( thats where the store is in that mall underneath) you are entered in to win a DD auto graphed jersey,

BC Lions website. Look in store.

Thanks for the info ..Only thing,I cant get to that store in the hours they are open(10am-1pm).Do you know if they actually have the 3rd jerseys other than the Printers jersey