3rd & goal from the 1, 6:21 to go

This was the turning point of the game, up to this point they actually had a chance, but two bad play calls and the wind drops out of our sails

On 2nd down they call a half-baked wildcat play, but all they do with it is a QB draw...that was unbelievable. I don't know what they thought they would accomplish with that.

And on 3rd down, they lined up Pavlovic as a tight end, had him release his block and go for a pass....sound familiar? This is how they got 2 touchdowns last year (including Casey Printers's first passing TD of the year) and the second time they ran it was against MONTREAL in the big 40+ point shooting match where Porter showed what he could do.

This is a good play in principle, but if you're Anwar Stewart, after getting burned on that play last year, when you see Pavlovic come out on the field under those circumstances, don't you think you're going to recognize this from the film? And that's what happened. Too bad, but some not so great decision-making.


Wildcat had no chance to work since Wms. missed blocking assignment.

Stewart half blindly threw his arm up and happen to make contact with ball while Pavlovic was admiring it.

Excellent points, but if Glenn had put a TINY bit more zip on the ball, we would have scored.

The wildcat play was terrible.

Good point about the missed block, and yes, Stewart was probably a bit lucky. These are things you can see on TV that you can't see in person...on the latter though, Stewart actually read the play (although late) whereas the last 2 times it was used Pavlovic was totally wide open.

I thought that Pavlovic may have had a chance to hang onto it, how did it look on TV?


8) It looked like he should have caught the ball !!!!

I'm surprised it's only now that we see a thread on that wildcat fail followed by the pass to Pavlovic that led to turnover on downs when we were on MTL's 2 yard line.

I can't say I'm a big fan of the wildcat thing, it seems overrated to me. Lining up in wildcat formation on 2nd down just seemed rather pointless. Holes could just not be opened for Cobb.

It did look to me like he could have and perhaps should have pulled that in.

Me too. And I had to walk back to my hotel from the stadium! Most of the other people on this board were sitting at home watching it on TV! :roll:


Before you judge the play call you first judge the execution of the play.

The wildcat would've worked a lot better if the defense would've had any reason to think Cobb was any kind of a passer and might do something other than run. It seemed the play was just thrown together very fast maybe even just by Glenn at the last second.

Thank you for the lesson. For the next road game, I'll have the benefit of a replay (which will give me adequate opportunity to judge the execution of the play), and then I'll be able to follow this wise rule. :oops:


That is what I thought. But would it have made a difference to not go with the wildcat formation?

Uh.. That's basically the point, that there were things that might have worked better.

Not sure Williams was at fault. IF... and that is the key... this was a read play, then Cobb missed the read. Williams sealed the right end of the line and there was acres of space off the right side. Cobb should have gone off tackle right and scored, but instead tried to run up the middle.

Pavlovic made a good play (good enough to score) Stewart made a great (lucky) play. Not much fault there either in my opinion.

I understand that. But Cobb was not getting very far, and use of a different formation may or may not have made a difference. And as I said, I can't say I agreed with use of the wildcat formation.

Exactly. If you watch the play again you can see Cobb had a better hole on the right side just to the side of Hage.