3rd Down Marshall Ferguson and Davis Sanchez on the FA QB's

Interesting discussion on where FA QB’s Matt Nichols, Zach Collaros and Nick Arbuckle will possibly end up. Three QB’s for three musical chairs.
With Jeremiah Masoli re-signing in Hamilton it kind of simplified the situation somewhat IMO.
For all we know maybe Walters, Pinball and Desjardins had lunch up there at Blue Mountain and decided who unofficially who would be their choice.
I think it is a no brainer that Walters sticks with the guy he knows and has had success with in Matt Nichols. Desjardins has jumped all in after Arbuckle giving up a 3rd round and a 1st if they sign him. The word is that Toronto was offered the same deal first and turned it down. But what if Arbuckle already had an agreement with Dinwiddie that he would follow him to Toronto. No need to spend a couple of draft picks if you don’t need to. :wink:
But what if Marcel blows a possible Argo offer out of the water by a lot this week, then what happens. I would think if Arbuckle leaves Ottawa this week without signing Marcel is going to start to sweat.
IMO Collaros is the best QB of the three of them if healthy but that’s the conumdrum. What do you do. Maybe Collaros wants to sign an incentive contract in Toronto for family reasons or even retire because of his head injuries. Marcel gets left at the alter.
Going to be interesting especially if Arbuckle leaves Ottawa this week without signing “to think about it”.

Well, he left and we didn’t get him signed, I don’t think its going to happen here in Ottawa as far as ,Arbuckle goes, I sure hope we have a back up plan…

Assume this is a joke … CFL would swiftly remove many draft picks over several years, or else the CFLPA could turn into a union with backbone for the league allowing teams to cheat the players … and … players could/would sue for lost earning potential.

We will find out soon enough. When the Argos made the trade to the Bombers. They planned to re sign him in 2020 Free Agecy back to Toronto as the starter. While keeping Macbeth in the back up role. While growing O’Connor for a second year opposed to rushing him into the fire.
That all changed with what has unfolded after that.