3rd down gambles

Coach Ron keeps giving the opponents field position with his third down gambles. Here is a suggestion. Go for it but take a delay of game penalty hoping the defense jumps offide. At least then you will punt. We need better play calling on third down and short. Our success rate on third down gambles can't be better than 5% all season, and on the successful ones i bet we had to measure and get a good spot.

Here's a better idea - QB SNEAK! Do NOT hand the ball off to a HB or FB 3 yards behind the LOS and expect him to make the first down. It takes too long to develop.

If you cant get 1 yard in the CFL you have more problems than coaching... sorry i disagree with you on this one.

Sigpig is right, we're the only team in the league not using the QB sneak.

I'd love to know this team's 3rd and one (or shorter!!) rate since 2004.

I'd bet it's no more than 50%.

Id like to see how many of those were QB sneaks... with McManus we didnt wanna sneak, so now we get Maas and its just as bad. Either get a starting QB that wants to sneak, or throw a backup in... either way we are shooting ourselves in the foot asking Jesse to get 3-4 yards on 3rd down.

Third and less than two feet - QB sneak is the percentage play

Third and more than two feet - try something else - Hand off to the RB who leaps over the line, fake a hand-off and have the QB run round the end, fake a hand off and try a surprise pass, run outside and look for a hole to squeeze through for that yard.
Don't hand the ball off three yards deep and run straight at the pile.