3rd Down gamble

Was Williams not horse collared and pulled back on that play? It looked like it on the replay.

Absolutely. The unfortunate thing was the Cat's O line was a bit shaky on pass protection the last few series on the game.
Given adequate pass protection, the Cat's could have easily won that game.
However, they also insisted on running the ball on first down their last two possessions which was a complete waste of valuable downs. The O line was being dominated, and the running back was stuffed faster than a Thanksgiving turkey. :roll:

He definitely got more yardage than was given credit for.

Funny how the ref, on that TiCat challenge, couldn't see the discrepancy between what was called on the field (given the length of the football progress) and what was clearly seen on the video replay (almost reaching the 55 yd line and 1st down territory) vs him not clearly seeing a catch on the Bomber interception challenge (no TV replays CLEARLY showed a catch or non-catch) yet reversing that "no catch" call.

Funny how that worked...


The commentators said that since the play wasn't near the hashmarks, there was no obvious landmark to gauge the forward progress. But there was one. They ended up spotting the ball right on the corner of the W in the Bombers' logo on the field. On the replay it looked like the ball got at least a foot past that corner of the W, which would have been a first down.