3rd Annual Damon Allen Quarterback Challenge

3rd Annual Damon Allen Quarterback Challenge

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Winking Judge is putting on a BBQ, Sausage on A Bun. $5.00

All procedes going to: CFL Fans Fight Cancer 2007


Directions from QEW: Take Burlington Street exit and proceed along Burlington. About 6 km along, there is a 4-way Stop sign. Turn left onto James Street. Go along James for about 2 km until you pass under a railway underpass, Augusta St.is the next left after that.

Directions from 403: Take East Main Street exit and proceed along Main street for about 3 km. Turn right onto James street (one block past Hamilton City Hall). Augusta St. is on the left.

where and when is the QB challenge?

Date: Saturday May 12th, 2007
Location: Ivor Wynne Stadium

Stay tuned for more information regard how to purchase your tickets.


Went last year. Very boring. Way too repetitive. For some reason, they had huge breaks in between drills, and they made each quarterback repeat each drill three times!

The only reason I might go this year is to see Timmy Chang for the first time. Hopefully he is participating, and hopefully they come up with a new, less repetitive, less boring format.

My suggestion: more drills, and don't repeat them (i.e. a one shot deal). Also, if there are going to be huge breaks in between drills, have contests on the field where actual fans can throw the football to win prizes.

It's Great Way to kick off the year..
I'll be there..

hopefully Burris will be there this time…i still need his autograph.

I'm pretty sure I'll be there. It was a lot of fun last year.

  1. If the same announcer(s) are doing it, count me out.

  2. If it takes like 5 hours like last year… count me out.

Otherwise id kinda like to go again :slight_smile:

Kevin do you know the cost yet?

Last year was Very Reasonable…

Blah, Blah, Blah.
I can't believe that you people would complain about a charity event. Seeing as the money goes to help inner city youth I say it's a good thing period, plus you get to meet the players if you want.
It's great opportunity for kids to get up close with today's players. The fact that it's repetetive is because we have a wopping 8 team league. If this was the NFL you'd have to sit through 28+ teams of QB's.....it's the same thing at the end of the day.
If it was 5 hours last year then you must have gotten your monies worth.
You gotta love the fans in here.....you'll complain again when they decide to move the event I'm sure. :cowboy:

Further detals will be released soon. As for the ticket price, I do not have that information from the event organizer yet. Stay tuned!

I agree with last years not beaing so good! but it was only the second one!
I left half way threw. But I just wanted to donate. Im sure this one will be a little better, with better announcers. Im sure they had people in the stands who give them feed back!
I rember in Highschool Trying to orginise the Delta cruse for kids event! its alot harder then it comes off to be!

You're right, you gotta love fans
who offer constructive criticism
of the QB Challenge to improve it

so that more funds may be raised
to support the CFL Fans Fight Charity
[edit...Inner City Youth programs]

On the other hand, what is there to love
about a fan who accuses those very same fans

of bad-mouthing the charity itself
when, actually they supported
the charity by attending the event

while heroically painting himself as
a big-hearted ultra-charitable man,

unless he supported the event last year
or unless he [edit] will be supporting
tigger's charity event at the Winking Judge

or buying a T-shirt or several T-shirts

for the CFL Fans Fight Charity
at this website here

Isnt the Damon Allen QB challenge about raising money for inner city youth? Not to say the fight against Cancer isnt as important, Im just confused???

I'd love to go again, it was pretty cool last time. Danny McManus signed my hat, woot!

....looks like Ron is trying to make me "feel" guilty...won't happen BUT I was there AND I will be there again to support the sport and what / where ever the money goes to, but it stops there.
As for the "big-hearted ultra-charitable man", don't think so as I feel Charity starts at home with Family first AND in my books there are also way to many charities out there(many questionable) already......but thanks for the attempt at implication. :roll:
Have a spectacular day!

It will be interesting to see whether Jason Maas will be ready and able to compete in the 3rd Annual Damon Allen Quarterback Challenge to be held a little more than a month from today. An article by Ken Peters in the Hamilton Spectator on Mar 9/07 indicated that Maas was scheduled to resume throwing shortly but there has been no recent word on his progress.

Also, it would increase the entertainment value for Ticat fans if all four Ticat quarterback candidates (Jason Maas, Rocky Butler, Timmy Chang and Richie Williams) were invited to compete in the event.

Just a clarification.

The QB Challenge proceeds go to Inner City Youth programs and great initiative on one that will make a difference to many inner city kids and there families.

The Winking Judge event is the kick off event for Hamilton Chapter of CFL Fan's Fight Cancer. CFLFFC is a fan initiated and gives 100% of the money we raise to cancer charities in Hamilton. Other chapters of CFLFFC are starting up around the league and our goal is simple. To raise cancer awareness and living a healthy lifestyle while supporting members of our community and their families in battling in this disease.

The first year we did this, we gave over $1000 to Camp Trillium and $500 to the Juravinski Cancer Centre/Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre in Hamilton and we also gave over $2500 to Jeff Fund at Touchdown Atlantic.

This year there are many more volunteers in most of the CFL cities, the hope is to really be able to help one or two charities in each city by raising a little bit of money to help them and get the word out that they are there to help.

If anyone has any questions or would like to join the Hamilton Chaptor in our fight, please email me at jarecanada@yahoo.ca

Thanks and see you at the Judge!

Co-Coordinator CFLFFC-Hamilton
Coordinator of Sportcares.ca

Great Cause Jare… Nice work

You are right, whoknows.

I have edited my post.

The CFL fans get-to-gether tigger holds
after the QB Challenge at the Winking Judge
supports the CFL Fans Fight Charity.