3rd and one

Take the snap and fall forward. Follow the centre...he's low to the ground...get sucked up in the hole that he left. Watch a tape of Lefevour doing it. Study what Porter did. We are struggling with this almost automatic play. Players are playing well enough to get the win. Can't ask for anything more.

On the first failed attempt (the second was not a turnover as it was second and goal from the one) in the 4th quarter Collaros fumbled the snap. He had to reach down, pick it up, and then attempt to make the yard. (This was after the catch by Fantusz that Benevides wanted to challenge, but because the Cats got the snap off before he could throw the challenge he wasn't able to challenge whether the catch was in-bounds or not).

I think he was happy by the result though. :o

I think we should give 'the beard" (McGee) a chance to earn his salary though. :wink:

Mikefromthhamer I sit right behind the visitors bench at Tim Horton's Field and Benevide had his challenge flag in his hand and was trying to see the replay on the board before the play. He also kept shaking is right hand that had the flag in it in case the replay was shown on the video board which wasn't until after the play was done. All though it didn't work out for the cats, I give the guy running the video board props for not running the replay of the catch till afterwards.

Part of the home field advantage. :wink: :thup:

Hand the ball off.

Just watching the game and I think we were given a very poor spot on that play (1st of the 4th qtr) despite the fumble.

No. It increases the chances of something going wrong.

The last time we were consistently successful doing that was when we had Julian Radlein as a FB.

Because he timed his motion with the snap count, DMAC would take the snap and not move, put the ball to his side and Rads would be in the same spot as the QB with a running start. Unstoppable really.

Or the spot they were given on the 2nd down play.


Looks like he's being pushed out just outside the 13.


Ball spotted just across the 14. Which is why they had 3rd and over a yard.

This is why I think ball spots should be allowed to be challenged on any down, not just on 3rd down.

Good catch, missed that one.