3rd and one..and the safety

The real problem with punting on third and one (especially around mid-field) is the seemingly inevitable 15 yard penalty. We saw that too many times this season. Add in the fact Medlock is filling in on punting and the strong wind at THF and you have an excellent argument for going for it on 3rd and 1.

I hate giving away ANY points. Make teams earn them.

With that said, against a bit of a breeze, I figured that we were going to give up 2.

BUT…then we did a “pooch” kick and gave the Rough Riders (I hate the other name) excellent field position, turning the 2 into 5.

Better than 7 you say? Maybe. But again. Make them earn it. We gifted it.

I wasn't at the game, but can anyone who WAS tell us (if they remember) what the wind situation was like at that time? Medlock's only a fair punter at the best of times, and REALLY bad against the wind. That's probably why Austin had him give up the Safety touch. I wonder if that affected the following kick-off as sell. Of course, the coverage team did a very poor job of covering the kick, allowing whatsisname to get a good return.

On the OTHER 3rd-and-one where Austin made the decision to punt (with disastrous results) there was no measurement by the Officiating crew on the ball placement. I'm sure that if it was less than a yard, KA would have attempted a QB sneak. Unfortunately, the vaunted Rules Committee abandoned that option for the coaches. We all know that the shanked punt and ensuing 10-yd penalty for "Illegal Punt OOB" gave the twocoloures instant field position with a net difference of 6-yards on the punt.

I commented on the GDT at the time that when it was even close the officials should call for a measurement, especially in a game as important as a division final. I noticed that in the WDF, when the ball seemed close, a measurement was done. The officials should not leave ANY question in the minds of the players, coaches or even the fans when the play is close.