3rd and Long

Today's Generation could very-well be called the "Reality Generation" with all the reality shows on TV. Every night there's a different one springing up. Some good, some bad and some that should never be spoken of ever again (Real Giligans Island anyone?).

Well what about making a show in the model of the new 4th and Long series that is out?

It might open the eyes of hopeful Canadian players that may have never been given the proper chance or American's that don't fully know what the Canadian game is all about.

The winner of the show can earn a chance with a CFL team.

The Pro Sports concept bombed with that hockey show "Making the cut" but it's worked with The Ultimate Fighter.

I'd watch a show on TSN that offered a chance at a CFL contract.

I'd watch that too, but i'm curious. Which team would get the player? Would it be the current champs? Maybe the worst team in the league? Maybe just choose a diff. team every year as they do with the grey cup? Sounds like a good idea for a show, let's hope the CFL picks it up.

That's a good question... who gets the winner? You can't really choose 8 players. Maybe if someone like, dare I say it, the Argo's put on the camp/show.

As much as we love to hate-on for the Argos... they ARE in Toronto. There's megabucks to be made there. Someone just has to figure out how!

Also... as bad as it sounds... Many American's don't know ANYTHING about Canada let alone the CFL. Toronto is all they know. So maybe start with the Argo's hosting the show and then see where it goes.

Every year you could choose a new position. One year DBs and WR the next year RB and LB. K and QB.

I bet there's a TON of untapped potential out there!

It's worse than that. Likely the majority of Americans (and too many Canadians) aren't merely oblivious to the CFL, they look down their noses at it. I don't think any amount of PR will change that disdain. Even if the NFL didn't have the money to attract superior talent, many Americans would proclaim its superiority as a matter of national pride.

Further re: TV and young fans:

The only chance for creating positive attitudes about the CFL is for the league/teams to make a positive impression on prospective fans while they are still young. This is why blackouts are the stupidest thing the league has ever done, and at their own peril, continue to do. The CFL's ability to reach unitiated young fans through TV is reduced now that satellite and cable and internet are so ubiquitous. In the 70s or 80s, a bored 11 year old had a much greater chance of stumbling across a CFL game on TV on a weekend afternoon and sticking with it because there was nothing else on.

In markets like Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, there is already a tremendous sense of community identity with the team. I agree that Toronto would be the most sensible target with the greatest potential payoff for a show of this sort, but unless the other kids at school agree that the team/show is "cool", it will have trouble holding an audience. I think events with actual players out doing events in the community is the best way to provoke interest from a "lost generation" of young CFL fans.