3rd and long…covid

so anyone else here have long covid?

f***ck it sucks. i contracted delta variant right after last christmas and i was really sick for 3 months with it. improved a bit over time but long covid symptoms appeared not long after and i’ve been struggling with it since, for like last 7 months or whatever it’s been.

weirdest thing was that i originally never got respiratory symptoms other than difficult to breathe and horrid chest pressure. no runny nose, congestion, cough, etc. but it thoroughly attacked my digestive system from mouth down to guts. i lost all my smell and taste and digestive system was nearly failing. i could not eat or drink. had to go in for intravenous a few times. and literally no energy at all for months. the body aching was near intolerable. brain was fogged constantly and i have no memory of jan-march because it was just an endless blur of sick sleep.

while there’s been some improvements over time, i am still having bad days where i can barely eat and cant get out of bed. brain fog comes and goes still. still only have about 60% of taste and smell. today i napped twice. sometimes i just fall asleep for a few min at a time sitting here. i have like negative energy half the time. it’s also been affecting my vision (via my brain). i had enough health issues before covid came along and it’s just been grinding me down all year now.

anyways, feeling like shit this evening (again) and so frustrated at not being able to shake this.

just wondering if anyone else here is dealing with long covid too? if you’re not, count your blessings because it’s brutal.

how many vaccines shots did you get. We got 3 and even though my son had a brief bout with it, none of the rest of us did

i don’t have the best immune system to begin with. i had 2 last year but caught delta right when my third booster was due, so i couldn’t get it til late March. the third booster did help alleviate symptoms. getting 4th as soon as i get the notification (any day).

That sounds brutal. I know many people that have contracted Covid but none that have suffered from long Covid or worse. Hope you continue to improve.

my wife and i had three vaccines. got covid in springtime the both of us with the second variant. Just mild cold symptoms for 10 days for the both of us. we know many people who got covid too and 4 of them died. One was 79 and in ill health already and refused the vaccine. Three were covid deniers and refused vaccines "because it was a fake disease" and "no government can tell me I need to wear a mask"
All four were of the extreme far right political base, funny how that is that not one person i know who was not of that far right political spectrum had similar stances about covid,

i’m having this thread deleted. i don’t want a mess, if you know what i mean.