3rd and inches!

The photo shows how much the bombers needed for a 1st down. The clip is of the 3rd down attempt! You decide!


i dont think he did.

he had to cross that hash mark, and i dont CLEARLY see that he did.

are we just to assume that he did?

just cuz his helmet may have passed it, doesnt mean the ball did.

It seems to me there was a better close-up of the reverse angle shot, that shows that Glenn got very little on the play.
Of course very little is all he needed.

I do remember that watching the live feed, I was shouting at the TV when they said he didn't make it.
But once I watched the reverse angle replay, I wasn't so sure...
It's close and you can't fault the refs on that close of a play.
In fact, they did a good job recognizing how close it was....

On any spot such as that, whether you needed 25 yards or 25 millimetres, it is a judgement by the officials as to the exact spot and there is no such thing as the "perfect" spot.
Any time you see a measure that is one way or the other by a tiny amount like that, it could just as easily have been spotted the other way.
And who is to say the second down play couldn't have been spotted 6 inches one way or the other?

To sum up, I still think he got it--just--but no way replay could overturn that one.
And so I have no criticism of the refs on that play.

When there's just a pile of bodies it's tough to get the spot right, his forward push looked like enough to get the inches he needed, but the official only saw where he ended up, bent sideways at the bottom of that pile. It's a tough call and credit the TiCats for making it close with a good surge. But I think it was a bad spot, with any forward push at all you get those inches and it looked like he did. Oh well, it was a nothing play in the grand scheme of things right.

I agree with Arius, I believe he got enough for the first down.

Do you mean the 39 yard line?
He didnt need that much, less than the length of a football and the 39 is a good 2 feet away

hard to beleive this is worth a discussion look at the chain then the push easy 1st down