3rd and goal


Looking at 10 men in the box. The defense is just praying that you dont pitch out. THEN you ift wrap them a deep handoff???

When you see that heres what you do. Fan your receivers out then just before the snap motion your back into the flat. This will get 3 guys out of the box so the QB can fall forward through a single line instead of stacked LBs.

Theres a word for the play you called. It starts with R.

piss me off …

Ok, first and goal, Willy is in. I'm figuring at this point that maybe he's in there to make the D think run and then throw a pass. I'm looking at the formation right now. Montreal has ALL TWELVE MEN in the box under the goal post. Riders have 9 on the line, 2 backs. Garrett motions to the field end. Getz then jogs over to the right. Snap and Willy sneaks straight into the entire defense.

This one might have had a chance had it been from less than a yard, but it was TWO AND A HALF YARDS to the goal line!

:smack forehead:

2nd and goal ... I can't get the video on this computer, it's not in the highlight package and the TSN on demand player won't play on this browser.

3rd and goal. This one is the killer. If it was another team I'd laugh it's so stupid. 8 men on the line. 2 back I formation, 1 receiver (I think it's Getz) flanking out to field in motion. Brown picks him up. Hughes (FB lead) motions over to boundary end. Garrett at tail back lined up on the EIGHT YARD LINE. Als have ELEVEN in the box (everyone but Brown). Hughes hits the first guy (Emry), Labatte pulls but the play is doomed to failure because there are just too many guys to block and Garrett gets swarmed.

This one is especially agonizing, because an option pitch would have scored easily. There was acres out towards the boundary. Or the more conventional, spread out the formation, which spreads out the defense, so the QB can fall forward for 6 points.

But no, apparently that's rocket science. :roll:

This is brain dead play calling. :facepalm: