3rd and 2with 11 minutes

11 minutes to go down 15 in the cfl and you go for it on 3rd and 2.then the genius hands off to a wide receiver. 11 minutes is a lifetime

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The coach and the quarterback both send messages of desperation to the rest of the team. It's infectious.

Yes they have no clue

I totally agree this moment in the game that you are highlighting was a critical juncture of the game, even after the Pick-6 that had happened a few minutes prior.

But I also agree with the decision to go for it at that point in the game. The Argos had all of the momentum in the game at that point, plus a 15 point lead as you point out. The 'Cats offence was floundering . . . CoachO had to do something to turn the tide, even if it takes 3 downs to gain 10 yards.

While I agree with the decision to gamble, the play call is another matter altogether. Bring Gibbon #67 in as an extra blocker, line up, snap the ball & win the line of scrimmage to gain the 2+ yards. Instead they attempt some misdirection to fool the Argos' D & leave the DE (Brandon Barlow #95) unblocked (not sure if that was by design), and when he was not fooled by the misdirection, that play was dead in the water.

The downhill spiral continued from there.
Really not sure if Dane Evans' career in Hamilton can be salvaged at this point. His emotional psyche seems shattered. I am sure that he still possesses the same physical skills. I am sure that he has not lost the ability to read a Defence. But he wears his emotions on his sleeve & seems to get rattled when things do not go his way. Two bad characteristics for a pro QB !! Not good leadership characteristics in any profession.
I wish him the best . . . but fear the worst.


Agree .

Unless it was a 80 percent play of success it was not time yet to do that third and two run .

Third and one; yes at 83 percent .

A good punt , a fumble , a defensive pick six , a two and out anything can happen at their end of the field and you are back in the game .

They were still punting deep and hoping for a big play with 11 minutes left .

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Actually that was the second time in the game they ran that play. Stuffed both times. The QB needs to read the middle linebacker. If he stays you pull the ball. If he vacates you hand off. Of course giving it the running back would help. So would punting.

Was it designed as an option play?

The worst part of that play was that they handed it off to Papi White!!!! They may as well of handed it off to Gordon Whyte for chrissake!!! Brutal play calling.


Giving it to Papi White made me sick. He is a lightweight at 170 lbs and usually goes down on first contact. On a 3rd and 2 you need to give it to a punishing Running Back who will pound his way through for those 2 yards. These are the kind of stupid decisions that are turning fans apathetic this season.


After thinking about it for awhile they should have given the ball to Betty White. She would have got the first down.


I totally agree, this was the one play that drove me nuts plus it was up the middle for 2 yards. I don’t think so.

We have an actual fullback on the roster - a misdirection play to Jackson and handoff to Garand-Gauthier might have worked. Or just have G-G throw a lead block for Jackson. You know, the way they used to do it in the last century.

But I’d pay big money to see Betty White come downhill on Shawn Oakman and Chris Edwards.


Save your money. Sadly Betty White passed away on December 31, 2021. This might explain why she was a no-show for Training Camp!

Betty White - RIP.


Sadly Bette White is on the permanent IL after taking this rather nasty hit earlier in the season .


Bring her in for a look see. She's better than half the players we have already even if she is dead!!!

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Well the scouting report says she does run a nice pass pattern has decent speed and also has a sweet swaggle... or is that waggle ?

Actually I did know that but as Betty herself would have probably said, it’s all about the punchline.

The only way Betty gets a 1st down for the Cats is if the Argo's MLB was Abe Vigoda. :rofl:

Haha,,what do you expect from a Cats team and their play calling,,should have used Erlington,,

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I was raging at this play call. I liked going for. I am okay running ( normally on third and two we throw deep). I coukd rven accept it not wirking as defense gets paid too. But why does Condell always try to trick the other team. Line your big boys up and challenge them to move the defenders and let your pretty good RB do what you pay him to do.

I wish someone would specifically challenge Coach O on that call. I would think it would be hard to defend Tommy on it.