3rd and 11

What is your best chance for a first down when you have to have a first down?

Option number three of course is to punt....

Hey this looks like a fun game. Can I play?

QB sneak for less than a yard, how many hands on the ball?



Quick kick lol

Get over it Kirk. It was one play. Richie destroyed the Argos and could have done the same tonight with better play selection. Geez if thing were up to you we would still have Marcel Desjardins.

If I was given a choice of Obie or Desjardins, I'd take Obie.

Considering we have such a banged-up O-line, a backup QB, a backup RB, and on our 35-yard-line, I say PUNT.

The returner has to field the punt cleanly, control it, and not fumble it on the return.

The opposing offence has to control the ball, and not turn it over.

The punt was the correct call.

And what happened after that?

The defence held the Bombers to one point, we got the ball back and did not score.

Look who comes out from under the rock. Are you one of the Chang fans who cannot stand a decent performance from a backup QB. Richie didn't have his best game but he kept it alive. Again I question your logic, we put up 27 points and still we get upset at the backup QB. That baffles me when the starter rarely puts up 27 points.

Richie is a game handler. He wont win you a game but he wont lose you a game. Throw in a couple breaks and the game would have ended a lot differently.

He certainly DID lose us the game. Along with the missing personnel due to injury. Capable backup, but not a starter (yet).

And I question your facts.

The Ti-Cats scored 24 points last night, not 27.

The defense scored 7 with Moreno's interception.

Richie and the offence only scored 17 points with 400 yards offence.

I like Richie. He had a bad game with very costly mistakes.

I'm not upset with him, just disappointed.