Did we saw your face on tv yesterday ? On RDS they presented 2 Als fans who made a 3 games trip/weekend like you were talking about. :?: So was it you ? I wont make ugly mug joke ....

coughi'll try cough

HOLY CRAP, it probably was him. I guess it was after halftime when I saw him. Cool!

.......hey, that's fantastic!.......what 3/10 and his buddy did this last weekend was great........good for them if they got on RDS-TV for it.........

He is also in the "Journal de Montreal" (oct-17, page 123)

Yes folks ! That great weekend was topped off by some media interest. I just loved it! There was a FULL PAGE on us... We had more exposure than MLB's World Series! :smiley:


Hey Turd looks like it was a blast.
Which one is you?The bald guy on the left,or theguy covering the baldness with a cap?LOL
I can't read french.Can you translate the whole page for moi.
Just kidding!!!

Headline says
Football maniacs of the CFL
Quebecers attend 3 games in 3 days in Edmonton Calgary and Montreal
Under the photo it says 3 real uh fans

No ro, it says two real fans.. not three.

I'm the one on the right, with the cap. In fact, your comment is funny saskargo because I haven't noticed how bald my friend look on that picture. He isn't. But a scan of a photocopy of a paper article will do that to you.

Here what it roughly says:

  • Fans at the Molson-Percival game had their money's worth of football, but not as much as two of them who crowned a football weekend with the Montreal win.

  • Then, it explains our itinerary and how we made it in time for each game. I am cited saying how crazy the game in Edmonton was with all those Roughriders fans everywhere.

  • In the second part of it, the reporter cites a few of the reasons we gave him when he asked why we loved the CFL much more than the NFL: more exciting plays, explosive offences, offences need to be more consistent (even though the word I used was not consistent, but creative) given they have only three downs to make it happen, quicker plays with 20 seconds clocks, players more accessible, and having only nine teams makes up better rivalries.

  • The article concludes with a quote from me: "Such a weekend will make it harder to go back to work tomorrow. Something great needs to happen at the office, or else, I might still have that weekend on the top of my mind."

Oh ya three fans
I guess I had 3 games and 3 days on the brain

Yes your right
And boo-boo means I made a mistake

Thats Great Third.....Sounds like quite a trip. Are you going to write a book now that you are famous?

When are you gonna post the pics you took ?

I want to see my ugly mug ! :wink:

It was nice meeting you ...next time come at Coaster's with us after the game....Durden was there again this weekend with us.

u never responded to saskargo...that your covering baldness with the hat, but commented on your friends lack of hair...hahaha

Geez 3nd, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE TOM WRIGHT!!! (I mean that in a good way) I'll be putting a pic of myself up soon.

Duh! :slight_smile:

Montreal was the only game where I wore a cap (because it was raining). So you'll see on the pictures to come (the ones with Yeast#5, RedandWhite, Saskeskfan and XGamer) that I am not bald at all. Hey, I'm 27. Give me a break with baldness. 8)

Glad you had a blast mate ! When i saw your 2 mugs on tv, i was like : WTF !! is that 3rd ?

BTW the 2 of you didnt look like fools on tv. Shall we call you mr 3rd from now on? :mrgreen:

Awsome publicity for an awsome league!! Good job TandT!!