3rd & 1

I don't understand why we never use Randall in these situations. Through the first 4 games I would wince everytime I saw Glenn keep it, yesterday I watched Dinwiddie going up high (scary). Many teams use their 3rd stringer for just this purpose - why don't we? I mean it can only help him feel more comfortable, and I would have to think be more succesful. Maybe then Berry would actually want to go for it a ittle more on 3rd $ short!

;;;I have to agree letsgoblue...the play you are referring to is how you get stuffed...Dinwiddie is a tall kid and hitting the line without a low-centre of gravity push is flirting with disaster..He'll learn...orrrr like you suggest...from what i've seen of Randall ...he would be the guy to go to for short-yardage :thup:

I have to think if we didn't have so many of our starting Oline out, Berry would be more inclined to go for it.

I do agree that Din might wanna work on his sneakin' stategy though...