Looking forward to this, If Drew Edwards is overseeing it, it will have a very high standard!

Changes coming to the Scratching Post (good ones.)

The Scratching Post is changing.

As of noon tomorrow, it will have a new home at 3DownNation.com, a site that will bring together journalists and bloggers from across the country to cover the entire CFL. I will be the editor of this new endeavour and it will be supported by the Hamilton Spectator. It's a cool project and I'm excited to be a part of it.

I'm still the beat reporter covering the Tiger-Cats for the Spec so the Scratching Post will continue to have plenty of Ticats stuff. I will be writing a little more on league issues, reporting news and trying to provide analysis and context. For those who only want Ticat coverage, you'll actually be getting more of it over at the new site: Josh Smith, purveyor of Blogskee Wee Wee and regular commenter around these parts, is coming on board as well. So is Mark Fulton, a.k.a. FenderGuy69.

The full roster of contributors will be available over at 3DownNation.com tomorrow. In a nutshell, it's a group of talented, knowledgable people whose work I've long admired and wanted to work with.

Over the last six-plus years, we've built quite a nice community of commenters here and I'm hoping that you'll bring the same level of knowledge, enthusiasm and humour to the new site. The success of Scratching Post – the numbers have climbed every season – is what led me to believe there was an appetite for something bigger. Essentially, I'm hoping what works here will work on a larger scale.

So please come check out 3DownNation.com after it launches tomorrow and let me know what you think. I've always strived to improve this blog based on feedback of readership and I plan on continuing to do so over at the new digs.

There's something a little bit scary about leaving the friendly confines of the Scratching Post as I've also known it but this is a tremendous opportunity for me to push myself as a journalist, to expand my horizons. The Scratching Post isn't coming to an end, far from it.

In fact, we're just getting started.

Scratching Post absolutely rocks!
Old school journalism vibe.

My most sincere "thanks" to Drew for all his efforts & fortitude in taking a thought that resided in his head into reality.

Secondly, my gratitude to Josh @ BlogskeeWeeWee for giving me a voice and platform.

As I mentioned on Twitter, it is a little overwhelming to see one's name listed & typed on an "actual" website!

That being said, I truly hope to make TiCats Nation proud! And I really do mean that ... I'm a 3rd Gen TiCat first & foremost.

I started here ... then to the various CFL Forums & Blogs ... now with the good graces ... I'm here! http://3downnation.com

Advanced Stats & Analytics are a hot topic & controversial issue when it comes to sport today. Some would say that it has been far too long coming for the CFL. I realize I will have some very interesting challenges & debates when it comes to my articles.

In my mind I believe it is the perfect time for such inclusion. The CFL is maturing into a "major" when it comes to North American Sports. Advanced Stats & Analytics are a part of all the others.

Once again ... Thanks Drew for giving me the voice & platform & opportunity to bring this to the forefront.

Any questions or requests as far as statistics/analytics projects are always welcome.

TiCats Fans always get to the front of the line! Especially Anyone Here!

Thanks All!

OskeeWeeWee As Always!

Mark Fulton
@FenderGuy69 on Twitter and elsewhere!

Congratulation guys.

Looks like it will be a great resource for CFL football fans. Time to bring our league out of the analytic dark ages. Congratulations to all who are going to be part of it!


    Good news for sure. Best wishes for the new website endeavour. 
    Tiger-Cat fans are very fortunate to have you as a beat reporter at the Spec. You have raised the level of Tiger-Cat and CFL football journalism tremendously since you began. We are well served. Thanks!!!     <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->  <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->  <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->  <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Am I the only one? It would seem so, after reading each previous post in this thread.

I’ve checked the new site, pretty well daily, since it was put up three weeks ago and it certainly seems to me that for a bit of news and comment on other CFL teams, and the the league in general, which we might have missed otherwise, the price we’re paying is a considerable decline in the amount of TiCat news, insight and comment we’re getting from our regular main source.

As I type, it’s May 25th, the Monday of the week training camp begins, and the most recent Tiger-Cat story, comments and/or tweets I can find are dated six and seven days ago, related to the death, two or three days prior to that, of Adrian Robinson.

Firstly, I am obviously bias since I am a part of 3DownNation. That being said, I'd like to put things in perspective.

  1. Site was launched on May 4th at noon EST so we're almost exactly 3 weeks old.
  2. There are 141 articles that have been posted in those three weeks. That is an average of 6.7 pieces of CFL news, insight or opinion per day.
  3. As far as TiCat news, insight, opinion ... Drew has posted 25 pieces and Josh has posted 11 articles. 36 in 21 days or an average of 1.7 per day. My guess is that Drew was on his "streak" at the old Scratching Post, his average would've been 1 per day?
  4. It's the off-season. I think it's pretty good content production for a 3 week period leading up to the start of training camps.

Lastly, of course all critique and input is greatly appreciated. Any specific input as far as what you would like to see? And I'm saying that honestly ... not defensively ... truly any input is greatly appreciated especially with an exciting new venture.

With respect, when I want to hear what other fans have to say, I come to forums like the one on Ticats.ca.

The Scratching Post was great because it was a simple one-stop shop for the latest vetted Ticats news. 3DownNation makes it harder to get that, so it's a regression. It's a shame Drew decided to ruin a good thing.

Thank-you SB. Appreciate the feedback. I guess my next question is how 3DownNation makes it “harder” to get the latest vetted TiCats’ news? Is it the design of the site? I think you can just bookmark “The Scratching Post” part of the site and that will take you directly there?

I too write for 3DownNation, so feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt if you must.

What Tiger-Cats topics have Drew or myself not covered that you feel warranted attention? Not much has gone on in Ticat Land the last few days, so I am unsure as to what you would have liked to see. Please, tell me. I am open to ideas.

Also, you should know that the decision to launch during what is essentially a dead time of year was a conscious one. Aside from the draft, not much happens during the month of May. And the point of launching during this time was to work out any kinks that might occur. We are constantly working things out, but we wanted any snafus to occur on, like, May 21 as opposed to on, say, June 26. Once training camp kicks off next week and the team starts playing games, you will have an over abundance of Tiger-Cat stuff to read. Drew still covers the team, Steve Milton will come on board once he is done with the Pan Am Games and I will analyzing things as they happen. So you will have more than enough Tiger-Cat content to whet your appetite once the season kicks off in earnest next week.

With respect, but everyone who writes about football was once a fan. Just because guys like myself and FenderGuy went from pure fans to writing about the game doesn't make us any less qualified to do so. We don't have the access Drew has - at least not yet - but we aren't some novices who were handed something. Mark does some great stuff with his analytics page and is more than qualified to write about the game. Drew liked what he saw from my previous writing and felt I earned a larger platform. Same with John (Blue Bomber Talk) and Brian (BC Lions Den). Yes, we are fans, but we have worked hard to gain the respect of professionals. If you aren't happy with the site, that's a shame. It blends new media and old, and I think it has more than enough stuff to keep people coming back every day. I hope you will continue you frequent 3DownNation and not let your bias against reading what "fans" write stop you from enjoying what everyone has to offer.

I find it hard to believe that anyone has the balls to complain about something that is provide FREE for all to read. One stop shop for people to get news on all 9 CFL teams. Getting to the scratching post is as easy as it originally was. Use the Score App and see what little CFL news is there in the off season.
Submit something to contribute to the content and stop the whining. :rockin:

What exactly is the Score App? Probably showing my age on this one. :?

I guess this is what Drew gets after his "post daily, no matter what" streak last year. People forget that some days, the posts weren't very informative or even relevant to the Ticats - especially around this time of year. Personally, I'd rather see fewer articles of interest than more fluff pieces.

I am a big fan of 3downnation
I always enjoyed FG69's breakdown of games for both pregame and postgame last year and his opinions of roster changes that occured, how the pistol formation was needed for our running game to improve.
For a layman like myself and the many others on here, I just love that stuff

If I may, these are the types of information I like to read

I liked this kind of piece from CFL.ca about our training camp primer

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/training-camp-primer-third-times-the-charm-for-ticats]http://www.cfl.ca/article/training-camp ... for-ticats[/url]

I would like the type of info on how Bomben will improve our O-Line and where he would fit in,
The same for DB Johnny Sears, How will he improve our #1 Defence in the East and 2nd in the league
How can we survive the loss of Spencer Watt and Breaux
We have 4 RB's, 3 very good Internationals, and a new National all with different skillsets
Is it possible for Banks to have an even better season this year than last with the new blocking rules on kicks and
the 5 yard rule for DB's

This was Banks stats for last year

1,968 YARDS

"The number of combined yards for Brandon Banks last year, tops in the CFL. Along with leading the league in punt return yards, he also finished third in kick return yards to go along with five receiving touchdowns."

Please forgive me if it appears I am being too demanding

I appreciate the responses here to my post where I stated my belief that 3DownNation has, so far, resulted in "a considerable decline in the amount of TiCat news, insight and comment we're getting from our regular main source." Also appreciated is the fact that, In the 24 hrs. since posting, there have been, under the Scratching Post heading, 8 CFL related tweets, 7 of which were either about, or quoting comments from within, the Tiger-Cats' organization and 2 interesting and informative TiCat stories, complete with comment and opinion by the writer.

Blogskee Wee Wee posted a question in his post here -- "What Tiger-Cats' topics have Drew or myself not covered that you feel warranted attention?"
I'm not aware of any particular topic or occurrence that you've missed. However, in the week or two before the start of training camp, I'd appreciate updates on players who were out with injuries last season, interviews with draftees, and comments from players who have returned to the city early to complete their pre-camp training, and maybe from coaches on how they spent the off season. Today, which I believe is the day before CFL rookie camps are set to open, Im certainly interested in knowing if the Cats are having one with so few rookies on the roster and, if so, who will be participating.
it would also be nice to know the schedule for training camp practices.

In general, at any time of the year, I'm looking for TiCat news, insight and comment that I'm most likely not going to find anywhere else. I look forward to the "over abundance of TiCat stuff to read" that Blogskee states is just days away.

Further to my above post, maybe we just have to ask, or suggest, to get what we want from the new 3DownNation. A few hours later comes this:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/05/26/no-on-field-rookie-camp-for-ticats-again-this-season/]http://3downnation.com/2015/05/26/no-on ... is-season/[/url]

Interesting that Coe is reported as "deciding to retire" and yet the club releases him. I'm guessing that means either that he decided to "retire" after being told of the team's plan to release him or that the team no longer has an interest in him and, as such, isn't going to list him as retired and hold onto his rights for the duration of his existing contract.

Checking 3DownNation today, I got my morning chuckle in Blogskee Wee Wee's response tweet to someone who had tweeted his opinion on the TiCats:
#CFL teams I feel on the down. Ticats(continuity a plus but lost some key spots), Stamps(will be good but WR a concern now),

Blogskee's response:
@JimmySingh9 Not sure what you mean by "lost some key spots." Aside from Breaux, the Cats lost no one.
I don't disagree with Blogskee's response. But, our old #11 and his fans in Hamilton might.

I liked Giguere, but I don't see his loss can be categorized as being a "key spot," especially with the recent trade for Ryan Bomben and acquisition of Spencer Watt. Yes, Watt is out for the year with an injury and trading for Bomben cost the Ticats a 1st round pick in a loaded draft (which linebacker would they have taken in the spot will forever be a mystery :lol:), but I still don't see losing Giguere as being all that impactful. He was a good player and when asked to contribute, he did, but the only major loss the team suffered was Breaux. They are still looking for his replacement; they have already found Giguere's.