3DownNation article: Suitor defends Canadian talent in face of merger speculation

An excellent article from Glen Suitor on 3 down nation every CFL and Canadian sports fan should read .


Surprisingly, lately I have seen a number of positive or at least neutral articles from them regarding the CFL. Miracles do happen. Maybe we will get a season.

The future of the CFL, possible partnership/merger with XFL - discussion with TSN's Dave Naylor - YouTube

Has a good argument at about the 14 min mark about eliminating the ratio and abolishing the myth that eliminating the ratio with destroy grassroots football in Canada.

Are people that certain that the ratio eliminated would be that big of a an improvement in game play?
We have a number of failed football leagues in the US, all americans, and most of the game play was not any better or even as good as the CFL.
Of the 6 different US based teams in the CFL only one was dominant and that is because they went with CFL coaches and many CFL veteran players and a CFL playbook.
I have heard numerous times in the past that the Cdn starter isn't the issue, its the depth.
The quality of the Canadian player is getting better and better. Look at the number of players from USport that are being scouted and invited to NFL camps or even make the team. It might not be a huge number, but it has increased rapidly.


It's cost. You can replace an expensive Canadian w/ an inexpensive American.

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It's not that big of an issue, Suitor was talking about him getting to play because he's Canadian. He played in the "Canadian designated position" safety, teams fill that with a Canadian. Then they try find as many O-linemen as possible and hope they can get 5 starters on the field. 5 O-linemen, 1 safety and 1 Canadian receiver. Teams can then fill the rest of the positions with the talent. That's the way teams play the numbers to get around the ratio.
Yes there are some talented Canadian players and we see the occasional running backs like Andrew Harris but it is a lack of depth. Fewer kids in high school playing football and that translates to fewer going to the CIS and the most talented going to the NCAA.
I think the CFL has no choice but to reduce the ratio. It just seems to be unfair when a Canadian starter gets injured and they scramble to find a back up. It is a lack of depth


I've updated the title and added a link to the original post; please do people the courtesy of doing so instead of simply referring to "3DownNation article" and hoping they find it.

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If the CFL does go to 4 downs, I wonder what the rebrand will be for 3down nation?

Most likely will be called .

One More Down Town or site no longer exists depending on the outcome.


If the average Canadian football fan were to visit NFL draft diamonds they would be surprised by the number of USport players that are on the NFL radar.I am not big on sacrificing Canadian jobs and opportunities for Canadians to play pro ball.Would the best player in the league a CJFL player(Andrew Harris) be given a chance to develop if it were not for the ratio? I would actually like to see it expanded.I recently put together a Team Canada ( a previous post if anyone cares to look) and I was even surprised by the quality of players available.... admittedly quarterbacking needs some seasoning but there wasn’t a lack of options...which says how far the quality of the Canadian player has come. Many international sports leagues have quotas regarding foreign players.I hope the CFL thinks long and hard before sacrificing Canadian players

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Great post .

The Premier league does have a ratio and it's considered the number one league in the world . So why not Canadian football .

Each Premier League team can only register 25 players over the age of 21 for that season's first-team matches. Of those 25 players , no more than 17 can be non- Home Grown Players . In other words, if you want the full complement of 25 over-21 players , you have to have at least 8 Home Grown Players .

A Home Grown Player, as defined by the Premier League, is a player who: (a) is 21 or older on January 1 of the year in which that season begins; and (b) spent three years between the ages of 16 and 21 with a team in the English football League system.

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That can't be right.
Other countries have quotas in their leagues to promote local or national talent. Well they must all be bush league!
Virtually every european league especially in hockey has their own quotas. Why would you not want to see players from your town/city or local high school or university in a league in your own country.
How do you think you build a local league?

Why did the NFL go from similar pay scale to the CFL to being a massive business. The TV stations, fans and businesses bet on their own and helped build it.


This is why I agree there will be major reform and no more Nationals with marginal skills able to camp out for a few extra years - it's been a luxury, whatever the underlying merit, that no longer can be afforded.

But on the other hand I see no reason that some slots cannot be allocated, and in fact I advocate this in the interest of Canada and the Canadian game whatever the rules of this new league, so as to afford a certain minimal degree of Canadian participation.

Rest assured these Canadian players, however "Canadian" is to be redefined as well, are not the elite stars but the other ones with some perhaps on the brink of being cut and they are not going to be paid more than other players like a few National veterans were in the CFL as we knew it.

I've decided that I don't care about them this year. Maybe they can reorganize including shuffling a few of their bloated heads out too. That recent post via Madani was a bridge too far and shot their credibility with me.


Anytime my fellow Canadians make good money in any industry, sports or the arts I am happy. Probably the best way for the CFL to save money, if they deem it necessary, is lower some of these quarterback salaries with inexpensive Americans.

Well there's another angle and I think it's going there too, but on the other hand merely good, not even close to great, quarterbacks have been scarce for at least most of the last decade even in the NFL.

In any given year, you can look at the NFL stats and general performance and find "good" or better on perhaps 12 to 15 NFL teams (note please this is not the top 15 or so in passing stats but the top 15 in overall performance across multiple criteria, and the quarterbacks with great mobility and rushing yardage are their own category (and usually short-lived in their careers in pro football). And on average 1 to 3 teams are fortunate enough to have backups who qualify also as "good" enough such that they would be a starter on some other team and often move on the next season because they are sold off for quite the money plus draft picks.

And then we get to a few quarterbacks who are better suited to a bigger field who otherwise are not well-suited to the American game and vice versa.

In short, I do not see the most successful teams cutting on figuring out what they need to pay to get the better of the quarterbacks but in aggregate pay in the league we shall see.

And should the new league succeed after say 4 years, you can bet most all player salaries will be going up especially the quarterbacks.

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Glen Suitor also praised Randy Ambrosie for being transparent as the league put out a statement that they have begun talking with the XFL. But when Derek Taylor responded that the two sides probably have been talking for much longer than Ambrosie is saying, Suitor backed down.

Furthermore, Suitor believes that Calvin McCarty belongs in the Hall of Fame basically because he was a jack-of-all-trades in Edmonton for 13 years.

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Thanks Glen, while i totally agree, the media based in Toronto will never agree. They are all so enamoured with all things American, and they have been promoting all things American for the past 20 years, young people have little or no knowledge or understanding of anything Canadian. It is such a shame we turn our backs on our own athletes etc, but what can you expect when the media would rather be in Toledo than Regina or Calgary. Funny thing is our people all say how proud we are to be Canadians, rather than Americans especially during the Trump years, yet those same people turn their backs on all things Canadian. Sad.


Totally agree !

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Strangely the same media always pushes the narrative of how we need to get behind Canadian Teams during the Stanley Cup Tournament.

Curious to know many American teams won the Stanley Cup with fewer Canadian players.

Teams not the athletes.

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