3Down Nation reports Redblacks New uniforms for 2024

I hope they are more traditional with the new notched big white Rough Rider styled R.


And the choice of uniform style is as bad as their selection of a team name!!!

Could it be less creative!!!

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Totally agree with your comment. The side-bars and the “R-Nation” on the pants are outdated. Put traditional styled stripes on the pants and sleeves. Classic is always better. Look back at the 1973 uniforms and go back to that.

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I think some throwbacks could be fun as 3rds. Maybe something along the lines of what Winnipeg has done for the past few years. But I find the 1973 uniforms to be a bit stale. Too cookie-cutter for my taste. I’d rather see an updated version of the 1961 or 1963 uniforms.


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I also agree that the '61 and '62 unis would be great alternatives. The lighting bolts could easily represent the saw blades. I would like those as alternates but traditional styles from the 60s, 70s or 80s would be much better as permanent uniforms than the ones they are currently sporting.

It’s 2023, current uniforms are great.
Ottawa has done a great job in attracting young people to games no reason to bring up drab 60s stuff, go to a Redblacks game and just see how many people are wearing the checkerboard red and black

I’ve been a season ticket holder since 2014 and before that with the Renegades and Riders. I put my money where my mouth is. Of course, you’re going to see fans wearing the current fan jerseys. I would support a change even if it is not historically based unis. Just have some better looking uniforms. I’ll give you a couple of examples, how about something like the Atlanta Falcons or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have similar colours like the Redblacks, but much nicer. I would be happy if they just change the helmet logo to the new one they wore last year along with bigger numbers. Better templates are the Bombers, Argos, Alouettes, Elks, and Stamps as examples and numerous NFL teams.

I don’t see anything wrong with the new uniforms, helmets or logos. What I didn’t like was seeing the Stampeders wearing the same colors, they wore Red and Black the last few season and supposed to be the Red and White.

Another point is, why do teams need home and away uniforms? apparently that started when football games were first broadcast, there was only black and white on TV and it was confusing.
With HD TVs these days there is no need for teams to have the predominant white for away or vice versa.

Interesting idea! Maybe something like this – might make for a cool alternate shell helmet? (I’d need to work on it more and see how that uni that Russ Jackson is wearing could adapt)


Looks great, this was my idea with the lightning bolts being re-purposed !!! I still want the big R as the main helmet logo though, but this is a great alternate.

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Here is a custom made 1961 Rider Bobblehead I created …

Looks too much like vintage Als

Here are the rest of Rough Rider bobbleheads I made…


Wow, a whole collection – cute! For this retro/modern one, maybe bring in some more black…

This one looks good but I like the first version better because it’s less busy. Just my opinion though, still, a nice job.

Did you hear about this story? I still think an updated version of these jerseys would be cool.


That’s very cool, I never heard this story and I’m glad you were able to get it back. I guess they would’ve worn the black helmets with these uniforms ?

Just to be clear, it wasn’t me who got the jersey back. I just reposted Jed Roberts’ post.

I’m not sure if they wore black helmets with these jerseys. I’ve seen old photos of them wearing white helmets with the lighting bolts and red helmets with the cowboy, but not the iconic black with white R.

Lol. I noticed that you were referring to Jed Roberts’ post on Twitter after I posted my reply. My apologies , I should have been more on the ball.

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Looking forward to a change that is more basic with the stripes .

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