3DN podcast with Dickenson and O’Day

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In the above interview Dickenson states: “We hope that if Cody is back with us — which is a big maybe — he’s got something to prove. He’s gotta want to go out there and prove that last year was a fluke, that it was an anomaly and that he’s a better quarterback than that.”

Fajardo would be the first to admit he could’ve done certain things better. But much of what went wrong offensively last year was out of his hands:

  1. He suffered a Grade 2 MCL tear. Despite that running the ball is half his game, Dickenson continued to play him, thus prolonging the injury and hobbling our offence. Regardless that Fajardo wanted to play, good coaches protect players from themselves (and from those who target injuries).
  2. Between bad play and injuries we had 10 different starting olinemen in 18 games. Result: Little to no continuity the entire season.
  3. Our receivers and RBs also suffered significant injuries, most notably Swerve (out the first 10 games), Duke (out 9 games), Shaq (out 8 games), Picton (out 7 games), Morrow (out 8 games), and Hickson (out 5 games).
  4. Maas’ play-calling often left a lot to be desired. At times it was too predictable; other times just baffling. I often thought he would’ve been better off calling plays from the booth.

In the above interview Dickenson also states: “The reality is we don’t know [what QB] is going to be available in February and Cody doesn’t know what teams are going to be in the market for a quarterback in February. Like it or not, we both need each other still a little bit right now.”

IMHO, if Dickenson keeps tossing Fajardo under the bus he’s likely to have one less QB option – if he doesn’t already.

Cody is a tough SOB there's no getting around that.

I think the way he exited kinda left a bad taste in the organizations mouth. Then again they did nothing to really help him out. Just got smacked around because of poor scheme and line play

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It looks like Riders are thinking Evans will be a better option than Fjardo. I have to shake my head at that assumption. The fact that this staff hasn't figured out that it is them and not Fjardo to be held accountable for last year is the reason why we are not extending ST's this year. Not interested in driving a bunch all summer to watch what these guys come up with for a team.