395 yards passing - 108 yds rushing Kerry Joseph MVP!


After game 1 of the CFL season, I mentioned decisively that Kerry Joseph would be the League MVP. I was scorned.
Now, I lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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was it ever any wonder?

Henry, Oh Henry.......... Who should have been the West nominee for MVP?????

Players who leave their egos at the locker room door usually have greater success than those who do not. A tough lesson to learn Henry. Learn it and move on!

Really ...this game should have been over at half time...Kudos to Calgary's Defense.. they took advantage of a fluke play & shut down the Riders injury riddled offense in the Red Zone... Nice to See Booris back to playoff form ...

SO much for thinking he was more deserving than Joseph

Mr. Turkey what a shocking prediction on your part, I was sure you would have picked a player other than a Rider.

Kudos to the vaunted Calgary defence, visions of Mean Joe Green and the 70's Steelers. Great performce by KJ but what will he do against the BC defence, I think it is fair to say that that should be a bigger challenge against the rested defending champions. Lets all hope for a repeat of the 2004 game rather than the 2006 blowout.

I'm still not convinced he's more deserving than Burris. :wink:

How about Andy Fantuz eh? Future outstanding Canadian for sure. Hell of a young player.

Kerry Joseph passed for 4000 yds.
Kevin Glenn passed for over 5000 yds.
Fuggetaboutit Riders! If Glenn was 100% healthy over the whole season it would have been 6000 yds.
It would be cool if the Riders and Bombers met in the Grey Cup.

Wrong use of verb tense. You mean it will be cool when the Riders and Bombers meet in the Grey Cup.

BTW, you're right that Kevin G is definitely a candidate - the clearest choice from the east. His success rate in the 2nd half of the season has tarnished his run but he is still in it.

Joseph played well enough.. but still room for improvement during the end!

He needs to play better on the 18th or forget it!

Well, yes, but it's a team thing. I think the whole team needs to take it up another notch - we will be playing the first-place team next game, not the third-place team, so it is to be expected that it will take more to get the job done.

Its really amazing how much Kerry has matured as a player in the last year.

You dont win an MVP award unless you are in the Grey Cup. Joseph isnt there yet so don't get too excited unless he makes it there. You may be talking about the MoP award, which is different than the MVP award.

It seems a lot of people get the 2 confused.

Watusi-laughoutloudZatu- thanks for correcting me. I meant the Most Outstanding Player for the year. Joseph will win it hands down, particularly when the Riders defeat BC in their own stadium!!
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Paul McCallum will hit the uprights!