395 Done !

Congratulations to Anthony Calvillo on an incredible accomplishment !

Next up is the completions record...

and now we can look forward to them talking about nothing else every game for the rest of the season

Congrats AC!

Indeed, congratulations goes out to Calvillo on #395

controversial catch...
I could've seent hat coming back if it wasn't a record breaking catch...

The record was his and going to be broken tonight. Too bad he has to live with a controversial out of bounds catch as the record breaker. I agree, if not for the record that would have been called back.

How is HfxTC's post the third one listed? Jesus. :lol:

Anyway, congrats to AC! :thup:

This forum is so skrewed.... all the posts are mixed up, the thing hangs... in the ticats forum. I have 8 identical posts with the same time stamp. I could go on and on... MRX sux...

Actually, they should talk about AC’s 400th TD pass! 400 is a huge number. In all of pro football, only 2 other players have 400 TD passes:

Brett Favre 508
Dan Marino 420

Peyton Manning is “stuck” at 399!!! lol.

AC will get to 400 before Manning. The question is, can AC pass Favre?

My Dad and I had this discussion during the game.

I don't think Calvillo will play long enough to get to 500. I suspect that he'll retire with about 470-475. He might get to 500, but he'd have to play at the level he's playing at now until he's 41 or 42. It could happen, but that's asking a lot.

He could do it as soon as next season, or some point soon two seasons from now.definitely possible. He’s on track for 60 this year alone… probably will get around 45 which would sit him at 440 going into the post season.

Next record to fall is completions, not yards as Bingo Black was saying.

Yeah, but Peyton will hit 400 in far fewer games. Peyton’s played 13 seasons and AC’s in his 18th.

and each of peytons season were 2 games less.


To be honest, I'm surprised the record was only 394.

If he gets 45 this year (which is asking a lot, despite the pace he's on now), he would have 431, not 440. He's got 10 right now and is at 396. Add another 35 to that and you get 431, not 440.

Congrats AC, the man is a machine.

Congrats to AC. Much like Damon Allen, Calvillo has gotten better with older age. I'd take AC at 38 over AC at 28 any day of the week.. Nice to see Ben Cahoon on hand as well.

True. But, AC and Manning have almost the exact same number of interceptions. Manning 198 interceptions, and Calvillo 199 (tonight's game included). Manning has 399 TD passes and 198 interceptions in 7210 attempts.

Calvillo has 396 TD passes and 199 interceptions in 8148 attempts. Manning has more TD passes, but Calvillo has less interceptions (per attempt). Manning's QB rating is 94,9%' Calvillo 95,9%.

Just the fact that we are comparing these two QBs says a lot about both, I would think.

A real inspiration to other players, a team doesn't want you, you go and keep battling with another team, battle health issues in yourself and family etc. And do it quietly and with class like he has. A real credit to have him in our league. :thup:

Forgot to give kudos this morning to CBC Newsworld, this was the first thing on their sportscast, not the Blue Jays win. Nice. :thup:

I guess it would be right to acknowledge Anthony Calvillo's all-time CFL touchdown passes record.

Two years ago...Anthony was 1-5 in Grey Cup games.
A record I found as infuriating as puzzling.
Yesterday...after two consecutive Championship wins
Anthony truly deserves to take his place
In the pantheon of quarterback greats!!!

TSN was wrong (again)
The next record Anthony will break is not
For passing yardage
But for completions
He's (from what I can gather) 38 completions behind
Damon Allen