.38 Saturday Night Special.

on to week 8. Tiger's vs Kitten's

Stats ripped from CFL.ca (so blame them)

Total Offence (ypg)
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 374.7
8. BC Lions 346.5

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 295.3
9. BC Lions 233.3

7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 79.3 (still need to work on this :x )
2. BC Lions 113.2

Total Defence (ypg)
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 340.2
9. BC Lions 427.2

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 269.2
9. BC Lions 300.7


  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 71.0
  2. BC Lions 126.5

Seein the trend for BC yet !! Shut down Harris and eat Lulay raw

Tigercats to "snub" out the competition on Saturday.

If we can avoid the small chance of rain it looks like a lovely night for football

I bit on the warm side 24 degrees 26 with humidex

So when we send the BC Cryins packing they can say "atleast the weather was nice"
Which is good right? I mean you should always find a positive even in an ass whoopin.

Can't have rain for a "cat fight" now can we???? :lol: :lol: :lol:

If it's going to be as hot as they say I hope it does rain a bit

Tigers are some of the few species of Cat large or small that are unafraid of water. Mountain lions on the other hand, can be a little more high maintenance.