36-33 Ottawa Rens win Way to Go

I take it back for the frustrationg alll i got to say is WOW what a finish i am pleased with the effort by the Rens and performance by Joseph and Coleman WTG rens WTG.

WOW what a GREAT game…CONGRATS!!!

congrats indeed

Sorry, the score was 39 to 36…but who is counting? YOU GUYS beat MONTREAL!!! WOW…what a game.

Nice come from behind win. Now keep it up. beat the Lions next week

im entertained. paopao put together players with heart most teams would just hang there head and give up but i mean this was an amazing comback
and i think threre are a couple of dbs that have a future im loving the play of korey banks and quincy cole man. If we can keep this core of players look out for us in the next couple years

Now if the people of Ottawa could start supporting their team, then they could have a future. Too bad there were not many people left in the stadium to witness that comeback. One thing that really, really annoys me is seeing people leaving a game before it is over. I see it even when the teams are just a few points apart. Like robots, they get up and leave, no matter what the game situation is.

Agreed, i also hate when people leave early, because this is the CFL and anything can happen, and it did tonight, but WOW, what a finish.

anyone would of done the same the fireworks where on that day and well say all u want bout there adendence thats pridy good for a unstable team that is built with a bunch of unknowns but i know im going to try to get out to the next game and lots of peple should after that comeback

People left after the 3rd quarter because the Rens were getting killed

Why do people care so much about fireworks? Sure, they are pretty, but we’ve all seen them before, and really when you’ve seen one big fireworks show you’ve seen them all.

No disresepect, But the gades fans have had very little to cheer about.They have seen their team raided in free agentcy and constantly rebuilding .Maybe fireworks looked like a good option .Any ways great win from a team who never gave up.

Ottawa beat Montreal. If they can put a couple of wins vs some good teams at home and also stay in the hunt for a play off berth you’ll see more people go to the games…

If you’re not an ottawas fan you won’t understand but Ottawa fans do love their team it’s just that they’ve been burnt sooooo many times that its’ tough…

So don’t worry they’re will be more fans in the stand soon.