350 K + for Maas!!!!!! Ugggh!

Im sure they will get in but i`m also sure RL and the players want to show what they can do as well . The recievers and line will have a hard time doin gthat with the 3rd stringer running for his life because he cant read the defense .

wasnt Mass on another thread saying lets pack the stadium at the next game.

Sorry, Streak, I know where you're coming from, but think you are wrong on this one.
No need to APOLOGIZE to a BLOW HARD like me ... just so I am straight though ... you really BELIEVE Maas is WORTH 300 and change dollars ??


350K is pretty much par for the course for a starting QB in the CFL so I don't know why everyone's so upset. Sure he underperformed, but there's lots of players in every sport who get contracts that they don't live up to.

I don't feel robbed because he's making so much money, I'm not paying the guy. I'm upset that he hasn't produced on the field. It doesn't matter to me if we have a Timm Rosenbaugh (big contract) or a Larry Jusdanis (small contract) at QB, as long as we win. We haven't been winning and that has to change. I let the business guys in the Cats organization worry about the business side of things.

I aggre with the 1st quote 2006 is over.
I like J. Maas (from his past performances)
but in 2007 he will have to earn and prove he is number one.
And please get a quality QB as back up like
in B.C.