350 K + for Maas!!!!!! Ugggh!

I read in the Spectator this morning that Maas is earning 350 K plus! (I had thought that he was earning 300 K annually).

Talk about being overpaid based on performance! Youzers! How guilty must he feel cashing his cheque every two weeks!

At that hefty price, you have to think Maas is gone next year (cut or traded) if he doesn't totally light it up in pre-season.

I like Maas, but there will be no excuses next year for #11. He will have to win a job based on performance, not reputation. And hopefully the whole team is selected that way.

i agree....i wanna see richie williams play a game this season.

I have REFUSED, thus far, to BASH Maas - mainly because of the CIRCUS atmosphere this season, HOWEVER ... when put in these terms ...


He is CLEARLY not WORTH that kind of money, PERIOD.

I can't believe, one full year without Danny Mac ... and we STILL have the League's WORSTE QB.

My OPINION, of Maas, has less to do with his POOR STATS ... and more to do with his POOR LEADERSHIP ... Sulking, head shaking, grimacing, and the variety of other behaviours leave me WANTING a new QB.

Unless Maas takes a SERIOUS CUT ... I say CUT HIM.


P.S - Yes, PLEASE ... let's see the YOUNG GUNS.

Well, regardless, I do think that Maas deserves a chance to be the starter with a properly run team (I keep hearing that the past 3 years were an "experiment" with how the team was run and probably was so) like what will happen starting next year with a GM who hires a head coach etc.
Unless we get a Casey Printers or such and then let him loose I say.

After the way he played in the playoffs last season a number of teams would of signed him for that much had he been on the open market .

I guess A Rod should take a SERIOUS paycut after the season he`s had as well eh ??

After the way he played in the playoffs last season a number of teams would of signed him for that much had he been on the open market .
Hey, habdude ... I think the OPERATIVE words were "LAST SEASON" ...

How many would be willing to sign the SAME DEAL TODAY ?

I got an IDEA ... let's FIND OUT !!


P.S - Although I used the MLB in my argument in another thread, I GENERALLY don't watch baseball. So I will spare my OPINION of A-Rod.[/b]

Well that could be said for any number of athletes this season . You figure the Bombers might want some money back from Glen ?? How about Calvillo and hey how about Damen Allen ??

Recall that Maas signed his current deal on his way out the door in Edmonton. Apparently the Eskimos suddenly saw the light and realized he was worth double what they had been paying him, but only at the moment he was leaving.

I questioned that at the time, not for the amount, but because I would have thought Ticats would want some say in the new deal. Had we been negotiating a big pay raise, we might have wished to exstract other concessions, such as the length of the contract or a particular bonus structure.

My guess was that Hamilton was a little surprised by Edmonton's kind gesture, but there was absolutely no way we could have backed down from the trade given everything we had already given up in the earlier (totally unrelated) trade.

Well, I'm not sure whre you are coming from with the Kevin Glenn comment ... I know I would rather have him than Maas ...

Your other examples are of AGING STARS in the League who have DONE IT ALL, and as such, deserve a LITTLE slack.

Good on Maas, he CAPITALIZED on the Ticats DESPERATE need for a NAME QB ... but, I will tell you and ALL reading this ... Hamilton won't WIN a Grey Cup with Maas.

He has already shown his true colours, in my book, and those colours are a LITTLE FADED.


Give me a break , are you saying after last season you would of rather had Kevin Glen than Jason Maas ???

Anyone can play the " see I told you so" game . Im saying Winnepeg is lucky to have the win total they have .

Thier whole offence was built around Stegall and he made some incredible catches ( especially the one against edmonton ) but now he`s out and thier chances have went down the tube . Boy I wish we had a Stegal or Copeland or a Geroy !!!!

Give me a break , are you saying after last season you would of rather had Kevin Glen than Jason Maas ???
That's EXACTLY what I'm sayin'.

If I'm the GM of a team in need of a RE-BUILD it all happens around a YOUNG, MOBILE, Strong Armed QB ...

If I'm the GM of a team in need of a RE-TOOL then I get a more seasoned veteran QB (like Maas, perhaps) ...

I'm not here to say I told you so. I'm saying based on what I saw from Maas this season ... he AIN'T the QB I would base my team around.


I would like to know what is wrong with Maas.He has certainly shown ability in the past.It can't be blamed solely on injury.Many play hurt-broken rins,concussions etc.To say the least he has shown no qb skills at all with the TiCats

Oh no of course your not . From what iv`e seen this season Jason Maas is very mobile .

Im thinking next season Maas will show everyone how good of a football player he is . As for Glen , I`m thinking they wont win another game this season and that includes the game against the Cats .

I'm almost positive that at this time last year Mass fit the description of a YOUNG, MOBILE, Strong Armed QB. And, why Glenn. What had he proven before this season? Would you also have rather had Marcus Brady? Kevin Eakin? Hows about Rocky Butler? Marcus Crandell? All YOUNG, MOBILE, Strong Armed QB's, but none that I'd want to build a team around.

P.S whats with typing RANDOM words in CAPITALS.


All the new head coach has to do is watch the game film from any game this year and he will conclude very quickly that Maas just does not have what it takes. At 350 thousand dollars he does not stand a chance of being re-hired....IMHO.

The new head coach will also see that the receivers couldn’t get open with any consistency, dropped a lot of balls and didn’t do much to help their QB whenever he was in trouble. He’ll also see that the O-line was pretty poor. Even the current group of 5, while an improvement over the opening day 5 is still not great. My guess is that he’ll give Maas every chance to show he deserves to be the 2007 starter and earn his $350k salary. Besides, it’s not like the backups are anything to get excited about.

An Argo fan

last year Mass fit the description of a YOUNG, MOBILE, Strong Armed QB.
Personally, in FOOTBALL terms ... young is UNDER 30.
And, why Glenn. What had he proven before this season?
See, this is where MY FOOTBALL ACUMEN comes in ... I don't NEED a PROVEN STAR on MY team ... I just want the BEST TALENT POSSIBLE ... in my eyes, Glenn, being almost 4 years younger, MUCH more MOBILE, and atleast as STRONG an arm as a wonky Maas ... has MORE UPSIDE from which to BUILD.
Would you also have rather had Marcus Brady?
The ONLY TIME I asked for Brady was the END of last season to SEE what the guy could do ... although I have my doubts about Brady, the fact is he got a bum wrap from Marshall last season.
Kevin Eakin?
That's a BIG HELL YA !! Again, a YOUNG, MOBILE, strong (in his case CANNON) - armed QB. Again, just relying on my football experience here ... but Kevin has ALL the TOOLS that ANY COACH would love the opportunity to MOLD.
Hows about Rocky Butler?
Have not seen ENOUGH of this man ... I know he missed a couple easy TD's ....
Marcus Crandell?
Did Crandell not WIN a Grey Cup as the starter for Calgary ? Was he NOT the game MVP ? Anyway ... not a star, a capable QB ... a little on the old side from the perspective I am speaking from.

Bottom line is Maas , although not Danny Mac OLD, is the oldest of all the QB's you mentioned and his arm appears to have DECLINED in STRENGTH. The guy is NOT WORTH 350 G's, PERIOD.

And as far as there being NOTHING EXCITING about Richie Williams and Kevin Eakin ... I respectfully DISAGREE. These kids got talent ... and I would like to see it in a GAME before any FINAL judgements are made.


In fairness to Maas, Desjardins did say some other things about him:

[i]"As of today I envision him being in camp but I also envision other guys being in camp to compete with him. And I'm sure he would want it that way. We'll see where the chips fall at that point.

"But to say he will be the starter next year? I wouldn't say that because that's pretty much going to be the decision of the new head coach, whoever that is," Desjardins said in a rather candid interview during his 4-12 club's bye week.

"For me to say he will be the starter next year wouldn't be fair to Jason and wouldn't be fair to the head coach and I'll never say that," Desjardins said.

"If he (Maas) isn't the starter than obviously we have to look at other options as it relates to him staying here or him going somewhere else. But that is all premature right now," the Cat GM said.

To be fair to Maas, the quarterback arrived in Hamilton to find himself in a messed up offensive system, contends Desjardins.

"It has to be the biggest of screw-ups in this league as it relates to what has gone on, specifically on the offensive side of the ball," Desjardins said of a Cat offensive strategy that failed to properly utilize the enormous talent that was available.

"He (Maas) has been in a tough situation from the get-go," Desjardins said.

The GM confirmed that Maas's health has been an issue this season.

"He is healthy enough to play but is he at 100 per cent, no. Now will he come out and tell you that? No. But that's just the reality of it."[/i]

Now, you'd think that Jason would have improved vastly had it just been the system, but they were still left with the skeleton of a Paopao offense and had a complete lack of confidence in themselves. I don't believe for a second that we should stand pat, but Jason deserves a bit of the benefit of the doubt here. As was said his receivers have not been there for him consistently either (and this applies to ALL of them - even Vaughn has dropped a few gimme passes).

Maas is turning 31 this season. Hardly over the hill. A Grey Cup contender and eventual winner was built around a Danny McManus who was a couple years older when he joined the team.

That said, I like Desjardins attitude and approach. Accept no losers, and don't stand pat. :thup:

Great post Typex !!!

Maas was screwed coming here and doesn't deserve the bashing he's getting on this Board.

He did Not have an OLine that could work together, and so got bashed silly.

He did NOT have an Oline or gameplan that could give him the advantage of his RB's (Ranek, let alone Holmes) to avoid getting hit

He did NOT get the chance to call his own plays (Paopao sent them in, and probably was "read" by Matthews if not others)

Yeast, Ralph, and others were major disappointments in performance, but Maas ends up with the blame...and the balance of recievers get extra coverage and less efficiency.

Ithink he rates a really good chance to recover his health and come back in 2007 and lead the team.

Our biggest issue is coaching, and kicking some butt as DesJardins says, in what it means to be a pro-football player.

Sorry, Streak, I know where you're coming from, but think you are wrong on this one. Nothing personal, just you cannot name a guy to stand up and lead the group, or how we'd get him.

Agree e must play the back ups in the last two games and get some idea of what is there...