35 minute sellout!!

[url=http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=254672&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_cfl]http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=254672&lid= ... pStory_cfl[/url]
REGINA - It didn't take the Saskatchewan Roughriders long to sell out their West Division semifinal contest against the B.C. Lions.

The Riders made tickets to the game available to the general public Monday morning, and they were sold out within 35 minutes.

So when Saskatchewan takes to the field against B.C. on Saturday (TSN, 4:30 p.m. ET), it will do so with the support of a capacity gathering of 30,945.

It will mark the 18th straight sellout at Mosaic Stadium dating back to last year.

The Roughriders will also be hosting a playoff game for the second straight season after going 18 years without one.

"The support the Riders have received continues to overwhelm us," team president Jim Hopson said in a statement. "From pre-season to the playoff game, the dedication from our fans has not wavered and for that we are grateful."

I'm glad I didn't have to deal with the public sale. Horray for pre-sales.

Only the rider nation supports there team like this 18 sell outs in a row.Fandamntastic work rider nation come saturday we wil cheer our riders to victory.

Fantastic news for the Riders, but you might want to look at the numbers for B.C. and Edmonton before you make a ridiculous statement like that...

I don't know about Edmonton but I can tell you from watching some BC games there is no way they have sold out everygame this season.

Why is it always rider fans that blow their own horns so much?

Uhm .... lemme take a stab at that one ..... Rider Pride!!

Big cities can sell out a Metallica concert or an AC/DC concert in 20 minutes, while the same stadium sits half empty for the CFL.

Sask can sell out a football game in a matter of minutes.

How are Calgary, Winnipeg, and Montreal doing? Still plenty of good seats available.

I'm not saying they sellout every game, but this season alone they regularly brought in 30,000+. If they had a max capacity of 28,800, they'd probably sell out every game, too.

Well i guess there are some advantages to never having any big concerts or other sports teams in regina huh? Also lets not forget the days when you were 3-15 and pulling in 23k on a good night.

hey Chief..

how many fans did the Esks have for their last game of the year??

oh I read it was under 30,000!

do you call that awesome support? I sure the hell don't!

The Eskimos have enough fan support that if they really wanted to, they could put 50,000 in that stadium every 9 games they play there!

but they didn't! they only had 2 games that had 40,000 +

if you were to make comparisions? the Esks did not do the best for selling seats this year with the size of stadium they have!

heck the reason they got 48,000 + for the Riders game was mainly because of all the Rider fans that went!!!!

it was proven by the fact that the Calgary Labour day rematch only got 42,000.

I dont know why but Montrealers will only go to Olympic Stadium once a year, and this year its for Grey Cup i have my east finals tickets but i dont know how many more Montrealers have there ticket

Yes, lets all pick and choose stats that show off we are right. Wow 18 sell outs in a row thats only 2 years of sellouts. That isn't a very long time. The Aves who play out of denver and aren't even a "hockey" town had sell outs of at least 5 years in a row. What is your cities excuse?

I agree, we have no excuse for not selling out for more than 2 years in a row. But what's yours for not selling out since last century, if ever?????

I still have it showing Platinum seats available in Montreal: (Section 140 Row W, Seat 10-11)

[url=http://www.admission.com/html/evinfo.htmI?CNTX=10617782&l=EN&C=]http://www.admission.com/html/evinfo.ht ... 82&l=EN&C=[/url]

Yeah i dont know why, it would be impossible to get tickets to that game if it was at Molson Stadium but it will only get 40000 cuz its at Olympic, luckaly i have my tickets and i will be yelling my lungs out

Look at the difference of population. And all those Rider fans

what else it there to do in Regina, many of the other cities have so many other ways to spend there time

Where to start... You're right, we did get less than 30,000 for our final game (which was a meaningless game against a non-divisional opponent). We pulled in 29,911, 89 short of 30,000. But I guess saying less than 30,000 makes it sound much worse than that, and that's why you said it.

The Eskimos averaged just shy of 36,000 fans per game, and that's NOT including the game when the Riders came to town. That's not bad, and it gives us the highest average for another season. Say, have you guys ever lead the CFL in attendance...?

Oh, and we actually had 3 games with 40,000 or more. 48,808 against Saskatchewan, 46,014 against Calgary (Hey, did you say we only pulled in 42,000? Oops.), and 40,453 against Winnipeg.

Come back when you actually have a clue, K? :wink:

Why is it so hard for other fans to acknowledge the simple fact that the riders receive unparalleled support within the community?
Even in previous years, averaging 23, or 24 thou a game, the per capita support blows every other team in the league into the dust. Selling out every game this year is a tremendous accomplishment and something Rider fans are rightfully proud of. Selling out the play-off game in 36 minutes is a part of that.

Just to put this in “green glasses” perspective:

Population: 194971
Football tickets sold: 298765 ( 329710 after this sellout )
Tickets / person / year: 1.53 ( 1.69 after the playoff game)

Population: 1034945
Football tickets sold: 369957
Tickets / person / year: 0.36

Population: 2116581
Football tickets sold: 332986
Ticket / person / year: 0.16

There is 5 times the market penetration in Regina than there is in Edmonton. Ten times that of Vancouver.

Only the Rider Nation supports their team like this.

I hate threads like these because they all end up with the same posts in em. Obviously the support the Riders have gotten the last 2 years has been phenomenal but why do we have to drag the other teams into this to make it a great achievement? Like any team in this league except for the Montreal because of the current capacity there, winning and losing directly influences how many people sit in the stands.

This thread is basically just going to have us Rider fans saying how great a feat it is, and then disgruntled fans of other teams saying how little there is to do in Regina. Like any CFL city, if the team is doing poorly people will find other ways to spend their money regardless of how many other people think there's nothing to do here, it's no different in that aspect here.