35,000 was the highest regular season attendance at Ivor ?

I've seen on several sites that the highest regular season attendance at Ivor Wynne was 35,000 set back in 1975. Can anyone confirm or deny this claim and explain how they pulled that off. What did they do, put a set of bleachers in that forest behind one of the endzones? Or did they put a bunch of people on the roof of that school looking building you always see when they follow the path of the ball when a field goal is kicked?

i think IWS used to seat more than it does now...seats have been removed thu the years of renovations.

someone, on the old site, posted a pic of IWS back in the day, and it looked real different.

In Ken Peters article on the preseason game, did he refer to Williams 7 yard CFL debut as being against the BENGALS?

What is that guy smoking?

The west endzone had a huge bleacher. ( probably sat 5000 )

During the 70's Essex Packers used to give kids 1/2 price tickets if they turned in a empty weiner package.

Therefore, they were known as the " weiner seats ".
Lots of kids.

The bad kids used to climb up under the bleacher and steal ladies purses and steal bottles of whiskey.

The bleachers fell into disrepair and owner Harold Ballard didn't want kids to get cheap seats so they were torn down.

I beleive thats why the north stands start at section 5 as opposed to section 1.

I think you posted that in the wrong thread Willy, but I will go ahead and comment on it anyway.

He has called the Ti-Cats the Bengals on a few occasions in the past week or so. He must know there is a team in the NFL called the Bengals.

This is a Bengal Tiger

Kinda looks like ours doesn't it.

he always calls them the balsam ave. bengals.

its annoying.

The all-time attendance record at IWS was set on November 7, 1976 when a crowd of 35,394 watched the Cats beat (who else?) the Argos 23-16.

The bleachers may have been “cheap seats”, but the place sure rocked when we had 35,000 plus there. I made all the games in the 70’s. Doesn’t get any better than 72’…

Here's a few pictures a website member scanned and sent me. They show the west end bleacher seats quite well....in fact, if you notice, the North stands almost joined up with them (before the new North stands were built)


very nice thanks mikey

Just to add to Mickey's post and pics. At the time of those pictures there was still a cinder track around the playing field for track & field. For a few years before the old north stands were tore down and track removed, they would set up portable bleachers along the track on the south side. They probably held maybe 500 fans. Sitting for the handicaped at the north east corner was also larger if I recall.

Natural turf in those days. Good at the start of the season but no so at the end of the year after the Ti-Cats, Central High, Westdale and Delta High finished with it. If DJ Flick doesn't like the lighting now he should have gone to a night game then.

All that changed at the end of 71!

Old copies of his articles is my guess.

(Insert Ricky Williams joke here.) :slight_smile:

Seriously, it sure would be great to ahve attendances like that again. Too bad that won’t likely happen soon, for a few reasons not related to fan support.

Hasn't Hamilton put in more seats for Grey Cup years?

I know at Taylor Field in Regina on a Grey Cup year you can get some huge crowds there when they start to have some of the temporary seating up for the Grey cup

from http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=page&id=79
October 14, 1995

The largest regular season one game attendance at Regina's Taylor Field was 55,438 when Saskatchewan beat Calgary 25-23. Given that the capacity of Taylor Field was 27,732, this was a tight game in more ways than one.

my 1st gm when i was 11 i think 79 and argos really sukked back then sat in the old endzone great memories