34,000 sold

An add for Eastern final tickets in todays Gazette says that 34,000 have already been sold!


If that 34,000 number is correct how many do you think will attend the game? Perhaps 45,000? I beleive 38,000+ took in last years East Final.

I can see at least 45,000.
50K would be great

We need 50K...I want 50 K !

But a lot of people were burned last year with the GC loss.....and remember all these Fan Day at Big O, where we won the last one in 2004 vs 'Gades (lost 2005, 2006 & 2007).

I sincerely hope we get 50 K...our boys deserve the suport for the great season we had so far !

I noticed that too in today's gazette. :smiley:.

I will be buying my two $15 tickets shortly.

A sell-out would be amazing!

Not to be a party pooper, but I will be a bit displeased if the Divisional Final can only get 50 000.

SSK @ EDM game on Sept. 26th had an attendance of 62 517. It was only a regular season game, and Commonwealth is smaller than the Big Owe. Plus, the Grey Cup game is not in Montreal this year, thus fans do not have to choose either one.

Speaking of which, what happens to the Fan Day? Last year is understandable since there was Grey Cup at the Big Owe. What about this year and the subsequent years.