328yds....says it all...start Glenn

Glenn is a good QB- the receivers were responsible for the loss. Too many dropped passes and fumbles after a catch.

Who knows whats going to happen. This game is unpredictable. I really thought that Porter was going to light it up this year, but I have to remember this is his 2nd year, and he doesnt have a lot of experience.

there are so many scenarios. Glenn could possibly get the start next week, and get the hook and replaced by Porter.

I think we have 2 very good QBs. Right now, IMO, you have to go with the hotter hand. Honestly, its nice to have the luxury of having this kind of depth at QB. there really shouldnt be any controversy.

loyaltcfan: I agree. While I'm leaning toward starting Glenn for reasons already stated, I'm certainly not against Porter playing. My problem with Porter is that he won't go long, always throws five yard passes and can't seem to get the ball in the end zone enough.
Sometimes you have to put the ball up there and have confidence in your receivers coming down with it. That approach will certainly end up with some interceptions but it also gets you TDs - re:Bruce and P-Rod's touchdowns tonight. I don't think Porter would have thrown those balls and scored those TDs.

Maybe Porter of last year would have thrown those TD Passes. I dont whats going on this year. Maybe the injury to his hand, might have a lot to do with it.

Bottom line is, we do have a good team with talent. I dont care if its Porter or Glenn at the helm. Whatever it takes to win and see this team get into the playoffs. Our fans deserve it, and so does Bob Young!!

If that last play of the game was the coach's call... start Glenn

If it was Glenn's decision to go 10 thousand yards deep when we needed 15 or 20.. start Porter.

Actually forget it, start Glenn. Porter is getting a lot of reps this year, its not going to hurt his future to watch a game or 2 or 3 from the sidelines. Keep giving it to Glen until he falters, then its porter's show from then on out.

This franchise needs a home playoff game now! We cant risk this just so a QB can develop better.

I’m sorry to say it because I hate qb controversy, but Glenn took the job tonight. He has out played Porter every time he’s been in the game and he was excellent from start to finish tonight. He made some mistakes but every game will have mistakes.

What I love about him is that he can push the ball down field. Porter said a couple weeks ago that they have deep plays in their arsenal but the defenses just weren’t giving them deep plays…well, Glenn hits the deep ball for TD’s every single time he’s in. So, I don’t buy that excuse. Porter just doesn’t see it. Glenn has proven again and again that he is the more polished, ready and capable qb. He should start.

If they want to groom Porter, go ahead and groom him, but Glenn has earned the starting job. They may not want to go back on their preordained starter but the offense hums with Glenn at the controls. Start him please.

ha ha we seen how well that worked in toronto and saskatchewan last year,I say go with Glenn,marcel is already bordering a qb controversy.

I don't care what any of them say. The only person whose choice matters is Marcel Bellefeuille. It's his job to decide, I think he's an effective coach, and I trust him to do what's best. Whatever he decides is fine with me.

A lot of people keep saying that Porter is the future. Why can't Glenn be the future? The guy only just turned 30, you could be looking at a good 6 or 7 years out of him before he even starts to slow down. People talking like he's Brett Favre??

Does Porter have another year on his contract or is this his option year? He's already questioned his pay and his coaches confidence in him, I wonder how he'll feel if he gets benched?

Personally I say Start Glenn Labourday keep Porter active in the offence i am still unfamiliar with Wildcat offences but can you put 2 QB’s on the field at a time? In my mind Glenn is the Now Porter is the Future but in preperation for the FUTURE we need to win to get the fan base back after the last HOW many seasons LOL i lost track WE need a above .500 team with a home playoff game this year in anyhopes of this Franchise becoming successful in the long term I am sure Bob Young is the real deal as an owner but I know his accountants are prolly pulling for Glenn to start.

to Tell you Truth I like Tafralis as our QB of The Future not Porter …
Porter takes forever to make a Throw
If Porter is not happy too bad
Glen should start he proved why 328 and 3 TD …
A Slotback and WR are the reason we lost along with bad Tackling .

I could see Boltus Moving up to #3 if Porter leaves.

You saw how well it worked in toronto and sask but its exactly what you want here now.

WTF? Where does this come from? Tafralis has NO experience...

8) Hey, let's end any QB controversy between Porter and Glenn, and start Trafalis on Labour Day !! :wink:

no,its not.

I couldn,t agree more with beetlejuice. Start Porter and if he stumbles put in Glenn. It wouldn,t bother me if they did it the other way either. Best man win.

no,its not.
Yes it is according to what you write

ive never said to rotate both qb's ive been gunning for glenn.however i have said that if MB wants porter to learn that they should let glenn start 1 game and porter coild take notes on the side line and then go b ack to being the starter but ive never said to rotate them all the time especially if glenn keeps playing well.
so dont put words in my mouth!

Thats sounds like rotating QB's to me. Not a good plan at all. Either stick with Porter or replace him with Glenn. You cannot have it both ways