328yds....says it all...start Glenn

Oh come on......lighten up after the Edmonton loss.
I didn't see this posted 10 minutes after the game.
So I thought I would.....hahaha. :lol:


Shultz says start Glenn
Dunigan and Climie say start Porter.


We need the Win you Start Glen ..

Start Porter, Its obvious that the future is not now

Start Glen. He played well. the Ticats looked like a more confident team and if the receivers had of caught half of the catchable passes, we would have easily won the game.
No one knows what would have happened if Porter was in tonight but I don't think it would have been that close.

You have to start Glenn, this coming from an Argo fan who would love to see Porter start as with his development, it would give us a better chance to win.

After Glenn`s performance. You have to start him. He played great. I like Porter also, but we need to win next week and Glenn looked too good today.

I caught that too...Crash.
As a fan of the Cats.....I'II agree with whatever call is made by our Head Coach.
I have to say that I was very impressed with Glenn's first start, in 2009.
The players or pro's....they all know they blew this game in Edmonton....dumping on them, over it, is not required....as I am sure they are all as pissed-off... as we fans are.
We have Toronto...back to back.
Let's pack the house....and be the 13th man, on Labour Day. :thup:


start Porter if he is healthy and yank him early enough(if he stumbles) that glenn can still win the game. I dont think Porter needs to be coddled but I also think showing him some loyalty this early in his career and going right back to him will do him some good in the long run. You cant change starters every time a guy does well or another guy has an off night. That gets ugly fast. Winning games is what matters and Porter was expected to have some growing pains with glenn ready to give him a break. Am I the only one that thinks that idea and plan is working out as it should? there is no controversy in my opinion. The qb situation has been handled and managed just fine so far. The backup qb is expected to play well and so is the third string qb. We shouldnt be worrying about who should start but be happy we have two good qbs that are both CAPABLE of starting. gheeeeesh. I like all three qbs and am confident whoever is in there.

I dont think there is any controversy Beet, but Glenn earned a start next week. He played great today, should have been the winning QB. Porter is going to be a really good QB but we cant afford to experiment next week. This is the CFL, on a team with two good QB`s, the one with the hot hand, usually gets the next start.

Then you dont name a starter at the start of the season and you say its a two qb system. Simple as that. You name a starter and everyone, including the starter, is watching to see how fast you switch him if he stumbles. In this case he didnt stumble, he got hurt. They named him starter so that is who I expect to start when he is healthy. I am fine with either one of them but if he loses his starting job already, trouble will follow. It always does.

I dont think Porter has lost his starting job. Did Marcel, in fact name Porter the # 1 QB on the team?? not sure. things do change pretty quick on a team that has lost 2 in a row. Right now, you have to do whats best for the team in the present, and based on todays game. I would go with Glenn. Porter should try and learn from this. You know he will get another opportunity. I don`t know if it will be next week?

Glenn has definitely earned the start on Labour Day.

I just wonder why it took us until the 8th game to finally open up the playbook on offense.

If your starting qb is healthy and you dont start him he isnt the starting qb anymore.

Maybe, but you have to do what is best for the team. Right now, Glenn gives us the best opportunity to win.

Tell that to Caulley. He lost his job to Cobb and I'm sure there are others. Just because you begin the year as the starter, doesn't mean you end the year as the starter. It's always been an experiment with Porter. The experiment has turned out ok but it's time to end that experiment and go with the proven veteran who has outperformed the rookie so far this year. The rookie will get his chance again, maybe this year maybe not.

This looks like the Kevin Glenn that we had last year. He'll have anywhere from 45 to 80 percent passing, average 250 yards a game with like an 8 yard average per pass. And have a few more interceptions than you would like. He goes for the big toss and sometimes it's caught and wins you the game and pads his stats or else it doesn't work.
And then everyone will talk about the passes that receivers should have caught or how they should have played a full game or had more of a killer instinct when ahead. He'll win you games but there's just something... he's cursed I tell ya.

Agreed but then when do you give Porter the ball back? Next year? What if Glenn leads us to the Eastern Final or say the Grey Cup? Do you then revert back to Porter?

I see it this way. If Glenn plays the rest of the year and plays well, he is the starter next year and Porter is playing back up or is released.

When would Porter play again then, in 2 years or 3 years when Glenn's contract is up?

Lets face it. Edmonton has a pourous defense. They had no interceptions all season long. Sure Glenn passed for 328 yards but the significant points are a) he threw two interceptions which he just threw the ball up for grabs. No real chance for a completion. B) one occassions the Cats could have very easily kicked a field goal, and on the 2nd could have thrown a couple of 10 yard completions to give them a chance to win the game with a field goal. Verteran QB's have no business throwing it up like that!!!!!

So you start Porter on Labour Day?