32 new players and still a need to audtiion?

I'm confused and don't know what to think anymore.

In Marcel's news conference, he mentioned that there are 32 players that are new to the team this year.

And for our 14th game of the season we are not playing our best, but rather still auditioning players presumably for next year.

How often must we start over? Every single year?

I keep reading and hearing how many close games we were in and how many were so close to being wins, but do we stick with our main guns and give them more reps as a unit?

Do these changes to the depth chart actually help us?

So confused, so numb, so indifferent.

Cap'n: ....so opposed to change.

We have a team that has only won two games so far this season (close doesn't count) and is way behind the rest of the league in terms of talent and depth. Obie has only been here for about 9 months. He does not like what he sees. So this is really year one of rebuilding as far as Obie is concerned. Casey has been a bust.Charlie was bust. Jesse has been injured (and so is most of out backfield this week) and may be gone at the end of the season. Moreno..well I still can't figure that out but we will miss him for a while. We are in bad shape. What else can we do but write off this season, bring in new players and let 'em play? It gives us a head start on next season when we should be a lot more competitive. And if that doesn't work out? Well...you keep on doing the same things until you get a team that shows strength and promise. That's when you start developing some continuity and cut back on the airline tickets.  Its sad that we are in this ridiculous position but sitting still is not an option. Fortunately there is a seemingly endless supply of people who want to play pro football.

I look forward to being at the game tomorrow regardless.

Which is why season ticket holders should get a discount this year too.

Why do we pay regular season prices for pre-season talent? It's one thing in the actual pre-season to pay full price for what they call football....but to pay full price for this...again. :roll:

I liked our team earlier in the year. It needed tinkering (like on our lines), but overall the talent was much improved over last year.

We've actually gotten worse....almost like last year!!!!

Groundhog Day.

Tell that to the Leafs. Really, in all of sports someone has to be in the bottom...just happens to be the Ticats in the CFL.

apparently putting in the players who need to "audition" did some good this week ... cuz we won... something the cats arent used to ... this point in the season i dont care if we win or loose but as long aas it is a good game and no injuries ... the cats being at the bottom this year could help us out next year ... if we dont ya know trade everyone out that is here now then we have time to meld and play together as a team and he will have a hand up on everyone next season ... and i was also wondering if anyone else was thinking this aswell... anyone think that we were doing so bad cuz noone wants to play with casey cuz he is cocky?


I think you have nailed things pretty well.
Obie knows where he is going and it's starting to show.
What a great game yesterday. Another loss would have been even more disastrous. We were all losing hope. It just shows how coaching can make a difference. We still need some help on the O line and D line but we are getting there. The team played hard yesterday and never quit. I was sitting a few rows up from the Tiger-Cat dugout and this team and coach had a newly-found air of confidence about them right from the start.
As for Casey....cocky or not...Porter's play speaks for itself and may well have made Casey (and his salary) expendable. The team is with Porter, who showed great leadership and ability yesterday. Marcel likes Porter. I can't see Casey wanting to be a back-up so Obie has a decision to make real soon. He may well have played his last game at Ivor Wynne.
One of the best things to me about yesterday, apart from the huge win, was the great turnout. I was expecting half- empty stands but the fans are still hanging in!

Which begs the question:

What accounted for the O-line's terrific pass protection?

Was it 'playing for Porter", or was it a result of continuity and sticking with a unit and allowing them time to get better as a unit?

I don't have the answer to that $64,000 question.

I think the answer to the 64.000 question will be answered next week in Montreal. Fluke? Step up?

Cap'n. I have. The answer is....coaching. :wink:

I hope you're right, because if you are then our problems, for the most part, are over.

I'm not so sure.

Cap’n: I hope I am right too. I just post what I see,feel and think. Who the heck knows…as we saw by yesterday’s win.
We have some tough games ahead so the roof could still fall in. Still…its great to finally see some improvement, especially from the back-ups and new guys.