Great crowd.

What a shame.

How on earth will we handle a crowd like today's next season with a 22,500 capacity stadium?

Also shameful!

You could always expand for Labour Day, although I don't see the problem in just building a higher capacity stadium and covering it up with banners. Works wonders for us in BC Place at Whitecaps games.

They won't have to handle such a large crowd but then there will be a lot less disappointed fans leaving the stadium so thats a plus.

Might seem a little petty but when my son wanted a sausage they had run out of buns yet still charged the same 6.25 we paid it because he was hungry. Kind of very poor preparation for a large crowd for sure. Not a biggy just amateurish.

this :thup:

I was entertained quite a bit and enjoyed myself at the game as did my wife and being out in the sun on a lovely day with lots of Cat fans, flyovers, etc.. The only icing on the cake would have been if we had won, but that is sport, only one team can win. Wasn't a shameful day for us, actually quite the opposite. Hearing about the ball in the stands episode, well just hope this doesn't happen again and security knows the protocol, and the fans. Maybe a loud speaker announcement before the game would be a good idea and something spelled out on the videoboard.

But that's one big crowd in two years. How often do we have crowds above 25,000?
If year after year the average crowd is under 25k then it makes sense that the new stadium will seat around that.
Yes, general seating will be 22,500 but then there are the Private Suites and Club seats and also the standing room.

In the past decade Labor Day games have attracted approx. 28,000+ per, and have in fact sold out or nearly sold out on most occasions, thus the loss of revenue from these games will ultimately affect the bottom line.

Our average attendance at the moment is 25,401 and will more than likely increase during the popular fall season, possibly closer to 26,000-26,500, a deficit of 4,000 in the new stade, which is considerable.

Glad you had fun Earl.

Had a blast until the on filed ineptitude pissed a lot of us off.

This is all about beating the Argos on Labour Day, IWS' last, and improving the losing record, and not losing 4 in a row. Everything else is centered around this one objective for me. Not only do I want my Tiger-Cats to win, I want them to win the most important and meaningful games, and not lose in such an incompetent manner which, I'm afraid, is synonymous with the Tiger-Cat brand.

Could care less about a football in the stands

I'm afraid that the "ticket demand" theory will not work.

The last tickets to go, and the most unsold tickets are the expensive ones.

The whole "ticket demand' theory is based on a higher ticket price which just might not fly here in Hamilton.

Montreal is not selling out.

I'm paying for four tickets, and I'm afraid this strategy will price me out of going.

I hear ya Captain and I know you are a passionate and dedicated fan. Hopefully we can start winning a few in a row for sure.

It seems to me that its the mid-range tickets that sell out last. When we're in the 26,000 range there's always this wierd arch looking at the north stands from my seats in the south... full in sections 5, 7 and 9, empty in the top corners of 6 and 8. If you're early, you can tell how big the crowd will be by watching how the corners of 6 and 8 fill up compared to the other sections.

Anyways, I don't think the idea of "ticket demand" is supposed to be based on raising ticket prices. Its that people will buy season tickets and buy game tickets early to make sure they get a spot. This means less volatility based on weather, performance, etc. less need to market, less need to offer promotions, give away free tickets, etc.
That sounds less convincing than the article I read but it seemed to make sense. And as others have mentioned, 22,500 is the number being built for the pan-am games. There's nothing to actually stop the Ticats from putting more seats in.

But if you look at the seating chart and ticket availabilty you will see that most of the season ticket holders are all in the more expensive Box Seats. The 15,000 or so season ticket holders are paying $60 to $100. The Bronze tickets are $50 a seat but if you pay with a ScotiaCard you can get them at 50% off.
For the Labour Day game ALL of the expensive seats were gone first, the last seats sold were the cheaper seats.

So I would have to disagree with you. As for "higher ticket price won't fly in Hamilton" what is considered a high price? The Ticat president has said $50 average to break even, it seems to me that the average price of the tickets sold are over $50, just look at the price for the Box Seats in the "lower bowl" most are sold at game day.
I don't think it will be too difficult to sell 22,500 at an average of $50, they are close to that now. There are people out there that don't want to pay $50 to sit on a narrow wooden bench with no back on it with no room to squeeze in and out of your seat and touching legs and bellies with the fat guy beside you.
Most of us want to sit in a comfortable seat and enjoy the game and I don't mind paying the price. The cheaper seats will still be there in the new stadium as long as Scotia Bank, Tim Hortons etc still have their deals and they continue to be corporate sponsors have been around for years and I'm sure they will still be there in the future at the new stadium.

22,000 seats or so at an average of $50 per ticket in a nice new stadium? If that doesn't work, then the CFL won't work here in Hamilton, that IS for sure. Goodbye, gonzo whatever in that case.