31,000+ at the Eskies/Lions game??

Eskies fans who were in attendance at Saturday night’s game please tell me…

Stats on the Lions forum shows 31,310 in attendance. That cannot possibly be! I watched the game on the TV and it looked like less than 3,000 were “attendance” because of the brutal weather. Very few spectators in the centre sections.

Is “attendance” referring to the number of tickets sold or the number actually in the stands? Sounds like the former to me.

Eskies fans are a resilient bunch who are used to inclement weather. They love their football and their Eskies. The weather conditions must have been even worse than what we could see on the TV because I can’t see Eskies fans staying away simply due to a down pour.

I was at the game, it was quite bare if you were not under the canopy. All the seats under it were almost full, if there were 31,000 they were mostly in the concourse area watching the game on the tvs, my season seats are under the canopy. It was also more than any "down pour". It was like a monsoon. Terrible conditions

All CFL teams, and all professional sports teams for that matter, announce attendance as PAID attendance.

Thanks Eskimosrock. It did look brutal.

"All CFL teams, and all professional sports teams for that matter, announce attendance as PAID attendance." by Esks123

Thanks for the clarification. :thup:

yes that is right they judge it by paid attendace, they did once on tv showed all the fans trying to keep dry, if it did not rain like that all 31,000 would have been in there seat.

As an Argo fan I shouldn't be one to talk and would love to have your numbers, however I have noticed a steady decline in attendance the last several years.
Is it all about a winning team in the City of Champions?

The team has been an absolute doormat for 7 of the past 8 seasons and have only made the playoffs twice in their own division since the cup win in 2005. Yet, the Esks have continued to lead the league in attendance year after year. Eventually fans get tired of all the losing and considering how bad they've been lately most other cities would have seen huge attendance drops much sooner. Do you really see Montreal or BC continuing to support their teams after 7 seasons of losing? The league may be having some huge problems in MTL with the team on the decline and this will be after just one losing season. It's a realstic possibility to see MTL averaging crowds in the teens with Josh Newswhatver leading the Als to a 5-13 record in 2014.

Then take a look at the Oilers who have finished 30th,30th,29th,24th in a 30 team league, having not made the playoffs since 2005-2006(longest absence from playoffs in the entire NHL). Yet they also continue to sell out EVERY single game!

If anything, Edmonton has done very very well with how absymal the professional sports scene has been for the past (nearly) decade. Other cities wouldn't come close to this much support (in terms of attendance #s) through this much losing.

Well said esks123. Edmonton supports their teams but also dosent take shit when it comes to it. Public pressure is a big thing here

31,000+ is a great "turn out" or would have been had the weather not been so putrid. The Lions who play their home games in a stellar indoor stadium cannot draw 30,000+ consistently. I'll never understand why.

I've not seen a game in Edmonton but I've had the opportunity to go to Commonwealth Stadium and sit in a few choice seats and imagine what it would be like to watch a game. It looks like a great stadium to watch a CFL game.

Hopefully the team won't have to always play in their flippers and snorkel gear. :thup:

Use 11 man NCAA rules and all of the stadiums will be soldout every week.

Just kidding.

I have zero interest in NCAA football, just like most Canadian football fans. We have the best league playing the best game already.

Agreed. I love football to death, but NCAA Football is as boring as watching pro baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, and hockey.

Sure seems to be a lot of B.C. folks worrying about the Eskimo's attendance. Don't worry, the Esks will still lead the league in attendance by a County Kilometer.

Oh really? How many "BC folks" posted on this thread? And which ones said they're worried about the Eskimos' attendance? I think a few actually expressed some envy and admiration so I'm not really sure where you got your impression from.
And what pray tell is a "county" kilometer? Is that an Eskie's expression?

On a non related football note. The Imperial system makes zero sense, consisting of random numbers to make up a mile, etc. Metric is easy, straightforward, and makes sense. Its all in 10's. The idiots south of us (USA) is the only, if not one of very few countries in the world to STILL use Imperial. :lol:

Ditto on the Trudeau sentiments. :thup:

As far as the metric stuff goes, I'll take Imperial any day. I've tried to adapt but it's hard to teach old dogs new tricks. Thank heavens the CFL still uses the Imperial system.

  • Weren't the "idiots" south of us the first and only country to put men on the moon?

Well as a new dog (20), Metric is just the common sense way to calculate things. The only things I like from the Imperial system is the height and weight aspects, as in 5"10/180 pounds over 170cm tall and whatever they use to weigh you at the doctor office... grams? haha :roll:

As for the USA putting men on the Moon, they were only motivated by Russia in the first place. They didnt put men on the moon moreso than their ego. But they did it nonetheless and i give them props. If only Canada spent more money on our space and science programs rather than forking out money to "minorities" and 2 century long "apology money" wed probably have flying cars by now. :thdn:

It is likely common sense for you Eskimosrock because you were born into metric. The only relevance "feet" had in your young life when you were born were the number of "feet" you had at birth.

There were reasons for Canada converting to metric back in the 1970s. Some of them made sound business sense in terms of international trade but for many Canadians is has been nothing but a headache.

It very much depends on what you're used to. Canadians got along just fine with the Imperial system. I can still remember when I could get gas for 39 cents a gallon. That's less than a dime a litre. Gas where I live is about $1.40 which works out to over $5.00 a gallon. I can far more easily relate to comparing $5.00 a gallon to 39 cents a gallon any day.

94 degrees F is more meaningful to me than 34 degrees C. You find relating body weight and height using the Imperial system preferable. So do I.
When there is a news item on the TV about a car accident and the guy was travelling at 160 KM an hour I am more impacted to read that he was travelling 100 MPH before losing control.

I like to go into Home Depot and buy six 2 x 4s each measuring 8 feet in length not 2.5 meters in length. I loath seeing oranges, bananas and grapes priced in kilograms when I go through the check out. On the fruit stand it will give you a price at .57 a pound. When checking out the price is converted into so much per kilogram. It drives me nuts.

I've tried to live with this new system for over 40 years and the only reason I use metric is because it has been forced on me.

By the way you are right about the ego thing and the moon landing but ego or not, I wouldn't paint all of America with the same brush and refer them as those idiots to the south as an earlier poster did. We've got lots of idiots on this side of the border. Some can be found in Ottawa.

We're getting way off topic, but... :lol: I think the biggest problem with Canada is that we haven't fully embraced the metric system. I've no problem with it. If someone tells me it's going to be 25 degrees or higher, I know it's going to be hot. If the recipe calls for a pound, I know it's roughly 500 kg.

I think the biggest problem area is construction. Everything's still imperial. It's always 2x4s, and studs should always be 16 inches apart at centre, etc.

We seem to have a blended system here.