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that will not help out to sell it out. i hate when the cfl reduce ticket prices looks so mickey mouse.

Its called Marketing, every sports league has deals you just have to look for them !

The view of the action in the Rogers Centre isn't any good.

The view of the action at the new Winnipeg stadium is most excellent.

Who shall we sue for the poor design at the Rogers Centre that got us to this point?

Selling cheap tickets doesn't make the view of the action any better.

umm I've been to a bunch of games and never had a problem seeing the action

The ideal seats have decorative tarps drapped on them. When a suitable seat height finally begins...the distance from the bench area is comparable to having a track and field track plus those seats are just high enough to see over the player heads which means you can't see downward from the tops of the players' heads on the sideline to the ground at a suitable and enjoyable view.

There is no bad seat in the house in Winnipeg or in Nationwide arena in Columbus, Ohio.

There's no bad seat in a modern AMC movie theatre that has those steep seats whereby your knees are at the head level of the person in front of you.

There simply aren't enough good seats in the Rogers Centre for the masses in Toronto to get excited about 12 man football. I'm guessing the same is true for 11 man football but I don't know that for sure -- Buffalo Bills and the annual NCAA International Bowl.

This should serve as a great lesson for young people who are preparing for a business/engineering career. Even a great marketing campaign can't fix a foundational issue.

That's not to say your seats are not good. I'm sure there are some great seats, but the quantity/quality of them in the key places in the stadium certainly makes the experience second rate relatively speaking.

Neither did 29,882 :rockin:

Incorrect conclusion. Those 29,882 need to be sampled if they'll come back. How many of those are newbies to watching 12-man in the Rogers Centre? How many of them are "luv CFL ball but the view sucks at RC but I'll take my chances sitting in a different part of the stadium in the hopes maybe it's a lot better"? How many are parents taking their pre-teenagers to a game because they pestered the heck out of them to see it for the first time, with the kids (and parents) to be luke warm about coming back because the visual experience was painful?