30 hours and counting

I’m anxious to see if the 'Cats defence shows up for this game. Everyone has had a week to reflect on the overall poor performace at the home opener, so I am hoping for a better field product this time out.

30hours means two sleeps for the old guy. If I'm watching a game from Vancouver, I need an afternoon nap on Friday. Fortunately , I can sleep on the job at the nuclear plant. Nothing ever happens there. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old Homer Simpson fan)

For whatever reason, the Cats have played pretty well in BC in the past few season, and somebody sometime has to end the Lions home winning streak at the new BC place stadium. As deplorable as our defense was last week, a blind hog (or Cat) gets a meal sometimes too. Against some steep odds, against an offense that is supposed to torch us, the odds makers have the Lions winning 30-22, but for some reason, I have a good feeling about this game...I hope my hunch will be right.

I think the defense steps up big on Friday. Hopefully Knowlton plays like a man possessed now that he's starting again.

They now have it right, by playing three NI receivers on offence. I'm not a fan of B. Grant. Stala is much more
consistant than Grant. and very good at the GO TO short yardage plays. But we still need blocking by the RB, I would
still prefer Avon in there at RB. :cowboy:


I agree with you Mr Homer