TORONTO--On Tuesday, June 19, the Toronto Argonauts will host one of the largest student gatherings ever at a sporting event in Toronto! Close to 30,000 GTA students will pack Rogers Centre for the team’s home pre-season game as part of an extraordinary year-end “Field Trip? to celebrate student success. And, thanks to the Toronto Sun, students 12 years old and under who have a game ticket will ride there on TTC subways, busses and streetcars completely free of charge!

An event of this magnitude has been made possible through the trust the Argonauts’ powerful community programs have established with local schools and school boards over more than a decade. The team’s award winning Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program, presented by Tim Hortons, just completed its eleventh year and is recognized as being among the premier in-school bullying education programs in the province. This spring, Argo-cise, presented by GoodLife Fitness, has helped keep kids healthy by welcoming Argos players and cheerleaders into local schools and showing kids that physical activity can be fun.

Commented Jason Colero, Toronto Argonauts Director, Education Programs & The Argos Foundation, “We are thrilled with the overwhelming support we’ve received for this initiative from the Ministry of Education and the many school boards from around the GTA. We especially want to thank our partners at the Toronto Sun for working with the TTC to bring as many students as possible to our game. We have reached out to over half a million students over the years with our many community programs, and we’re so excited that on June 19 we will be able to celebrate all of our successes and growth together.?

By taking advantage of this offer, schools will travel quickly and safely into and out of the city centre, alleviate traffic congestion, help our environment and help to ensure that everyone will arrive on time for the 12 noon kickoff!

Mike Power, Publisher, Toronto Sun, commented, “The Toronto Sun is pleased and proud to be a part of this very exciting day. This event is a good example of the many tremendous community initiatives put on by the Toronto Argonauts. Thank you to the TTC, the School Boards and the Argonauts for partnering to make this special day happen for so many deserving GTA students?.

The game will provide students with an exciting and educational game day experience. Along with special student and community-focused presentations, specifically targeting bullying prevention and health and wellness, students will be treated to great football action while learning about the dangers of bullying and benefits of physical activity through special videoboard messages and announcements. Following the game, students will be invited to take their “Field Trip? onto the actual field at Rogers Centre where they will meet their Argonauts heroes as well as the Argos Cheerleaders during an Argonauts post-game tradition known as See You on the Field.

[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/article/30000-students-confirmed-for-field-trip-to-argos-pre-season-home-game]http://www.argonauts.ca/article/30000-s ... -home-game[/url]

So with these students(yes the 30K is un-paid but I expect they'll still be buying concessions) the Argos should actually break 45K tickets(I'd think 15K+ seasons in a GC year) for the pre-season game, pretty impressive increase over the 12.5K and 12.8K that were at the last two games, almost double the combined number of the last two years.

It will be good to see for the first time since 2007 a crowd over 40K for an Argo home game and hopefully the kids get their families to come out to to some regular season games this year.

It is worth all the money in free promotion. :rockin:

Kids are the next generation of CFL fans and you don't make any money from an empty seat.

Good post!

The seats are usually empty for exhibition anyways, why not expose kids so they can “drag” Dad to another game later in the season.

I know out in BC, My Grandsons Football team always got tickets to the exhibition games courtesy of the Lions. I know several players dragged Dad(s) out to regular season games

It always helps. It has worked in EDMONTON for years. Thousands of kids at their schools get very cheap tickets for one game during the regular season. :thup:

The kids had fun, although some schools left early to catch their buses home I presume. Good for the Argos, even though us season ticket guys had to get up early and people working couldn't make the game. The future is today's kids, and they grow up fast.