30 000 paying fans in Toronto: Where are the Bashers ?

Best home crowd in Toronto in a long time for a regular season game. :thup:

Cant see a reason to bash that show tonight! Game looked and sounded great for tv!

......maybe a few people from the Hammer made the trip, but still - great crowd!

Why do you think that people would "bash" Toronto?
I am one that has criticized and said I would reserve judgement until the first game, if they had a 20k crowd I would be bashing- so "well done" Toronto! and thanks to the 8,000 Ticat fans that bought tickets and made the Rogers Centre look full!!

bc lions are lucky if they get that next week at bc place it is supose to be 29degress and yes with the roof open will help but i think people will think of other things to do than to go see a losing lions team.

Toronto is great for home openers for most of there teams but then it drops off big time.

It is HIGHLY doubtful 8,000 TiCats fans made the trek to the Toronto for this game when only 23,000 fans total were in attendance for the TiCats/Argos contest at the RC last year.

there is a definite added interest this year. :thup:

Last years final Argos/TicAts game had approx. 27,000. There were a lot of Ticats fans there. The home opener this year was the same, I would say upwards of 7000 :thup: there was a lot of Black and Yellow :rockin:

In addition, THe CFL is arguably the best it's ever been :thup:

yes but the first TiCat/Argos matchup last year drew only 23,000 at the RC

In addition, THe CFL is arguably the best it's ever been :thup:
the excitement and dramatics are indeed incredible.

I'm pro-CFL and pro-Toronto. I'll will be rooting for Ottawa instead of Montreal (sorry Calvlllo) when Ottawa rejoins the league.

Now that we had a new generation of admission paying folks, visit the Rogers Centre and they paid top dollar to see a 12-man game in a building that for the average seat has a lousy view of the action, what's the next scenario?

They'll consider not coming back. In other words, they'll think to themselves, great product but I couldn't see much because of the view and that caused me great pain. I didn't get totally entertained even though the game was good for the folks watching it on TV at home.

The Toronto CFL admin folks will in turn continue their marketing campaign right now for next year to find a crop of uninformed/new youngsters to pester their parents for 2014 to take them to the game (just like Arena football in America because Arena football has a great view of the action but gets boring fast. CFL is football is great, but the view in Toronto sucks).

Repeat the above each year.

How do we break the cycle? Take a wrecking ball to the Rogers Centre and rebuild it like the stadium in Winnipeg. Have the Toronto team bused to Hamilton to share Hamilton's stadium like the Meadowlands in New Jersey until the new stadium in Toronto is available for the Argos to return.

Last year they opened the season with 23 000, so even if you take into account a couple thousand Ticat fans. Still up about 5000 year to year. Great start, they saw their team win an exciting game, best marketing there is.

It's a good start, but in no means are all the troubles with attendance fixed. It was the Argo's home opener , they are defending champs, playing a rival, Hamilton is a short ride to Roger's center. A great crowd would be 40k. Let's wait wait after 4 games and hope the trend continues. HTFC, funny you start a thread about bashing , when you posted every negative article on the Bombers new stadium you could find . But after Thurdays game and things went smoothly and the entire night was a success at IGF. Your no where to be found .

I was at the game last night, and no way were there more than 3,000 Ticats fans there. Walking the concourse and looking for yellow and black shirts in the crowds there were no more Tabbies fans than als fans when Montreal is in town.
Ticats fans give themselves way too much credit for attendance at argo games. There were only 2 hamilton fans in my entire section. In the sections to my right and left, 3.
Every time the Ticats are in Toronto, Hamilton fans will try claiming half then crowd were from Hamilton. Simply not true.

This will probably be the largest crowd the argos get all season because they are defending champs and it's the opener. Not because of Hamilton fans.

If they can average 25k this year (PAID) that would be a positive step in the right direction.

Maybe because you were behind the Argos bench :roll: Don't know what your smoking, but behind the Ticats bench it was all Black and Yellow In my section the couple of Argos fans moved because there were so many Ticats fans :rockin: I guess you had your double blue glasses on !!

Yeah and every Ticat Fan that goes to Rogers Centre wears black and gold. We are the reason the attendance is over 20k most times they play each other

Well it was you guys night so I left it alone and things didn't go smoothly. Two hours after the game people still were stuck trying to get out of the parking lot including the Als bus stuck in the middle of it all. Herb tweeted that there is NO lights in the press box. Phones and WiFI NOT working from the press box either, so he had to wait to get back to his hotel to file his story, his last comment "IGF once a year is plenty for me".

Teams better be careful booking commercial return flights after the game cause they may not make it, good thing the Als were flying out the next morning... And the amenities for the visiting media have to be fixed.

The stadium is beautiful. I think its a great success in design with the exception of access and egress.

I guess when the argos play in hamilton, and the section behind the argo’s bench is full of argo fans, that must mean 7,000 - half the stadium is argo fans :roll:

It seems, no matter who the argos play, fans of the opposing team will try claiming half the crowd were fans of the visitors.



very true DG.

The Als/Argos game last season drew over 25,000+ and it is extraordinarily doubtful that thousands of Montreal fans made the trek to the RC.