3-year season ticket deal ... ?

Hey Ti-Cat fans,

I heard (don't remember when or from where) that when Bob Young took over the team, he offered some sort of deal that included season's tickets for the next three years, basically on a promise that the team would improve within that time.

As I understand it, those three years are now over, and well, sadly the team has not improved.

I've been more than impressed with the Ti-Cats turnaround in terms of attendance, especially considering 2006 and 2005 (not to mention 2003!) but now I'm worried that attendance will drop since a) those season-ticket holders no longer have to get tickets for the 2007 season and b) the team has not improved as (I think) promised.

Any word on this situation?

Im sure there are some that will get off the bandwagon but I dont think the three year deal included a promise for a better team. I think it was more of a way to increase the fan base and give people a crazy deal.

We will probably be a little down from last year but I don't think it will be an alarming drop.

It's up to the team to improve....we've done our part and we will continue to do our part.

It's there turn now

The deal was that season ticket subscribers could
lock in their season tickets price for 3 years

if they would agree to join the Tiger Cat Traditions Club,

which simply meant that you agreed to commit
to purchasing season tickets for 3 years,

and the team committed to re-building on the field.

Personally, despite all the belly aching over cuts,
I feel most season ticket subscribers will renew.

The new coaching staff, the overhaul of the team
and the new signing are giving most of us hope.

We will see.


Season tickets do cost much less than single game tickets.

Does anyone know when there are sending the season ticket packages to the holders?

Season ticket packages will be sent out in May. If you have any other questions please contact your account executive.

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