3 year plan

When Bob took over the team he needed to bring the fans back into the stadium so he offered to lock their season ticket prices in for 3 years.

Unfortunately I think he needs to consider doing that again after this terrible season.

Even the most loyal fans have to be questioning themselves about getting any tickets for next year let alone season tickets.

You buy enough lemons from someone when you are not looking to buy lemons, you stay away from them.

Bob and his folks will just start selling us lemonade. It's called "marketing" (They are already working on the 2008 slogan. The first draft was rejected: "well...at least we're not in receivership!")

I will probably get season tickets again but I think offering the 3 year plan again is a really smart idea and a bit of a reward to the best fans in the CFL for sticking by this team.

This team sucks beyond belief. The offense (with the exception of the running game) is dead, boring, and stinks worse that a Stelco Coke Oven.
The three year plan, as far as an on the field product is concerned, is a complete and total failure.
The passing game is a useless horrible mess. Flick and Peterson, on the other hand, should tie for comeback player of the year.
This team provides zero entertainment value. Did you see the faces of the fans in the stands last night?
They looked like they were watching a fatal car wreck.
Someone make the pain go away ... someone make our GM go away.

8) I heard some rumours at the game last night from long time season ticket holders, that ticket prices are going up next year !!! I hope that is just a rumour, because to raise prices after what we have had to endure the last couple of years, would be virtually a suicidal move by this team !!!

They have to offer some kind of incentive to season ticket holders to even make it sensible to renew your tickets at this point !!!! This has been virtually another wasted year !!! Anyone in their right mind can't expect longtime loyal fans to keep putting up with this brand of so called football !!!

I have had seasons tickets for a long time .Long before Mr.Young graced us with his presence. I regretfully will not be renewing mine next year.In the past when the bank was the problem and our teams were less than exceptional it was understandable.Now that we have no apparenet money issues THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON THAT WE HAVE TO SIT THROUGH THIS MESS FOR THIS LONG.I dont expect a winning team right away but I do however expect a team that competes.This team is in shambles.At the player level each is giving his all but as a whole we are a mess. Rant and rave after this response all you want on how "You" dont want me as a fan but I am ,have been for a long time and will continue to follow this team.This decision to not renew is not easy but,I have a hard time taking my wife and 2 yound children week in and week out to an event that isnt enjoyable to watch. In this I mean the game not the quote "Event". I could care less about the non-footbal goings on on the field . When the same problems exist after changing player personel time and time again the problem is not the personel .It is the people making the decisions .When I see next year that our house is in order I will be back but until then I cannot justify spending hard earned money on something I dont enjoy watching. Black and Gold Forever but money doesn't grow on trees.

The only thing I dont understand is why would Bob Young distroy all his hard work into this team to lose alot of customers by putting a terriable product on the field?

Things couldn't be worse for bob.

unless he needs a quadruple by-pass
operation down in North Carolina

and the one he hires botches the job.


It’s true. Despite everything else, the simple fact that Bob and the Cats have been victimized by plain old bad luck should not be forgotten. It’s something that should especially be remembered by fans who have been driven to the verge of jumping ship.

One might say we have even been “cursed” these last three years.