3 wishes for next year.

What are your top three moves that you would make if you were Bob Young to improve this team for next year. Not 4 or 6 things just 3. Go!

  1. ban stkitsfan from posting on this site 2. put a team in stkits so stkitsfan can post on their site 3. fold team in stkits so stkitsfan can no longer post.

Ouch that hurts!

  1. Don Matthews as coach
  2. Impact wide reciever - Geroy Simon
  3. Fine players for reoccuring penalities

1)Tell Taffe he needs to completely redesign his coaching staff to include some more experienced/successful CFL coaches.
Coach Sal would be a start for O-Line
Dennis Mcphee would be a nice choice for a "D" co-ordinator
A special teams coach who knows what he is doing would be a new approach

2)Sign some free agents.
Geroy Simon would be a start.
Some experienced CFL veteran help for the secondary is also required.
A return threat would be nice.

3)Lower beer prices and drink prices.
It would not have to be a lot, but you do not get that warm and cosy feeling buying from the concesions.
I understand they have to make money, but come on.

You want the Don on the 'Cats? AFAIK, he's still having health problems, and our current coach is not doing bad enough that we should trade our current woes for worse ones.

Where is this rumour coming from that Geroy Simon is available?

I'm more for the stocks at Gore park for recurring penalties... but I'm still a little bitter at this lost year... and the last one....

It may, but you have to admit it was funny.

Catattack's 3 BIG things:
#1) NO MORE talk of a rebuilding year.....actions speak louder than words.

#2) NO MORE excuses from ANYONE in the Tiger Cat org......actions speak louder than words.

#3) 50% of Season ticket holder base rolls up the carpet on the team after the dismal (yet again) performance from all personel.....actions speak louder than words.

Nuff said.

  1. A Reveiver WITH CFL experience and at least 1 1000 yard season (in the CFL)on his resume.

  2. A New General Manager that talks less to the media, tells the truth to the fans and can admit a mistake.

  3. A Healthy Jesse Lumsden for 18 games.

Bring Don Sutherin back. :thup:

-Another starting receiver to go with Armstead and Ralph

-Another starting receiver to go with Armstead and Ralph

-A new DT who can produce pressure on the QB from up the middle

1). For Hamilton to win more games than they lose.

2). For every other team to lose more games than they win.

3). For a pot of money to revamp/renovate Ivor Wynne.

  1. For Longos to remain as the sausage vendor. Hmm, Garlic.

  2. A better offering of beer. I wouldn't fill my moat with Carlings. Then again, I don't have a castle, so I guess it's not really a moat point after all. Or is it?

  3. TiCat labelled bucket hats for sale. Is that really too much to ask for? Bucket hats with frickin TiCat labels? It's not like I'm asking for sharks with frickin lasers attached to their heads or anything.

Oh, and three more wishes...

1.Reduce 2008 Ticket prices.

2.More flypasts by the B-25

3.Bring back the "racing WestJets"

blackandgld nails it!

3 wins!!! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :thup: :smiley:

1 Shutdown these Forums for one
2 A Playoff game
3 A Drop in Ticket Prices for Box Seats.

OK if they shut down these forms you would jump off the Devils Punch Bowl. :lol:

Unfortunatly Geroy isn't a free agent until 2009.


My 3 wishes are:

2 Top Rated Fa receivers

Coordinators who understand the CFL game.

He sure did...seing how Simon is signed through the 2008 season and a large beer is $2 less then in Toronto.

  1. 6 Wins.

  2. Not to get completely and utterly demolished by the Argos. A 7 point game would be nice.

  3. To allow all fans in attendance to horsewhip and expectorate on the next guy who runs the ball out of the endzone.

Oh…and no more apples in the vending machine please.