3 Weaknesses on our team

There are 3 glaring weaknesses on our team.
They are.
Running game, It is very difficult to win a championship in this league without a good running game.
F/G kicker, leaving easy points on the field
Offensive coordinator, Poor play calling along with a lack of running game is not a good combination.

This being said we have a great team here from ownership all the way to special teams and we have a great chance to improve in these 3 lacking areas.

Number 1 and 3 might be related. Not sure. Though it seems like our run game has taken a massive swoon since the days of Cauley, Keith, Tre Smith and Lumsden.

2010 Tiger-Cat Rushing stats:

Average rush yards per game

Calgary ........145.4
Winnipeg ......136.4
Edmonton .....128.0
Toronto .......120.8
Saskatchewan 106.8
B.C. Lions .....102.7
Hamilton ........95.3

Most times rushed

Calgary .......429
Winnipeg .....373
Edmonton ....369
Toronto .......350
Saskatchewan 319
B.C. Lions .....317
Hamilton ......317

Avg gain per rush

Winnipeg .......6.6
Toronto .........6.2
Edmonton ......6.2
Calgary .........6.1
Saskaetchewan 6.0
B.C. Lions ......5.8
Montreal ........5.6
Hamilton ........5.4

I agree 100%.

I can't stomach the Tiger-Cats being last on any list, Obie & MB have got to improve these aspects of the game or we will be 9-9 or worse forever.

IMHO to make it 3 weaknesses you combine 1 & 3 and add the inability to find a back-up QB you have confidence in. When Glenn was hurt and Porter went in you while he didn't seem to do worse against the A****s D he didn't make an impact either. So you bring Glenn back in how badly injured who knows and we know the rest of the story.

There's alot more weaknesses than that.
-Offensively, we kill too many drives.Far too many drops (yes you Mann and McDaniel)
-We don't cash in when we're in the red zone, instead we often settle for one of Sandro's sad FG attempts.
-We often have no running game
-Glenn makes stupid decisions that result in key INT's and ALWAYS put us in a hole.
-Defensively we drop the ball too much when we should be trying to catch everything coming our way
-Defensively DB's often do not try to jump routes.The often wait for the receiver to make the catch and then react.
-Defensively we don't create enough pressure on a regular basis.IMO we need an impact import DT to play over Bolden.
-Defensively we miss alot of tackles.We need to wrap up quickly and always make sure the first man there get's him down.
-On ST we need to step up our kicking and coverage a bit.We can't always have opposing team's starting at their 35+ yard line.
-We need a reliable kicker that's money inside of 40 and almost always hits FG's of 50 or less.It's pretty damn sad when you have to cover your eyes from 20 yards out and when you have to punt from 40 yards out.
-We need a power FB for short situations that can either take the ball and plow through the line or spring out for a pass.
-We need to grow a pair and do a fake punt every now and again.In Toronto, they direct snap to Crawford and the guy averages at least 20 yards every time they do it.
-We need coaches that prepare this team to play a full 60 minutes and whether up 100 or down 100 NEVER stop playing to the fullest extent.
-We need a LT that doesn't draw the most penalties league wide.Maybe Gauthier can clean it up.

There, that about sums it up :lol:

what a great post by 15 championships.
You're bang on with your assessments especially with the dbacks anyone who is glad that any of those dbacks are back next year needs to watch some of the game films where the corners and halfs got lit up for over 400 yards in passing alone and it happened more than a few times they gave the opposing recievers the 10 and 12 yard outs with regularity and the long pass was always there.
Until they fix that problem we won't even be considered "the best of the rest" let alone a "Grey Cup Contender". that we were mistakenly labeled by those in the know.
I think we were very fortunate to be 9&9
I'm out

I think in a lot of instances, those three things can come as a result of our lack of a run game. Glenn has to throw the ball 40 times a game and defenses are prepared for that, also makes things harder when coverages tighten up in the redzone.

I liked what i saw out of Gibbs when he got to play that one game in B.C. could he be what we're looking for at DT? Just a thought.

I think our coverage teams were the best in the league this year, not sure how we need to improve in that aspect.

I think you mean Jimenez, he actually had at least 1 penalty in every game he played this year. Guy needs to remember the snap count.

Great post - if I may add my thoughts that need to be cleared up immediately. Adjustments - either on the fly or at half time. I can not remember the Tiger Cats correcting offensive or defensive problems. What do the coaches talk about at half time? The mental desire to want to crush the other team is certainly missing. How many games did the Tiger Cats have the lead and lost the game because they don't have that killer instinct to finish them off. Why don't the offensive plays stretch the field with receivers between the zone coverage. Why do we throw 5 yards when we need 12 yards. Why does our running back dance instead of running over the defenders. Why are the Tiger Cats slow to react - Palardy - Cobb - De Angelis. Other teams find the necessary talent to succeed and the Tiger Cats sit on their hands. We can not expect any positive results until the above questions are answered. It's about time the old saying Better is Better - should be revamped to say We play to win......