3 tickets left for Aug. 30 game

I wonder how many will be on the hill outside the stadium this weekend?

Less than 200 left for the Argo game and that's in four weeks, Sept 26th!!
Hamilton can't sell out THF for the Labour Day game against the Argos, their big traditional rivalry with just over a week to go!!

Tell me more about

a) how Ottawa is not a football town
b) how no fans show up for home games.

Sorry but we CAN’T!!!


It's always been about poor management. Why people couldn't see that is beyond me.

If an Italian restaurant that serves crap food and has lousy service for 30 years goes out of business, does anyone say that they're no longer operating because the customer let them down? Of course not. Sports are no different, no matter how people try to perceive them as such.

BTW .............. there were hundreds of them on Sunday 8)

Not going to open new thread but the RedBlacks just announced there are fewer than 500 tickets remaining for our NEXT home game which is 25 days away on August 26th :thup:

Somehow, Saskatchewan fans will take credit for that one too. :roll:

They must be holding tickets back because if you go to Capital tickets and look at the seating chart there are around 100 available.

Either way it's another party!! :lol:

For the Argo game on the 26th there is NOTHING on the NORTH side this time and 61 available on the Southside, looks like they just released them southside tickets yesterday.

...........and a day later a total of THREE available in the whole stadium !! and the game is 3 weeks away.

I guess we'll get the e-mail soon. :thup:

Back up to 100 now available for the Argo game??? they must have released quite a few or maybe returns.

Done and done. :thup:

Fans seeking to watch the REDBLACKS live at TD Place still have chances to get tickets for the team's final home games of the regular season.

But opportunities are diminishing quickly, as the team announced today that the next home game, September 26 against the Toronto Argonauts, has been sold out.