3 Ticats awarded Players of the week

Cobb, Floyd and Stala each won players of the week awards.
Has one team won 3 in a week this year?
I think each are repeat winners, with Cobb winning for the 3rd time.

Well deserved!! Congrats!!

Wholeheartedly concur !!

Here's hoping that next week at this time, three more Tiger Cats are named Players of the Week (and I don't care which three).

Congrats.. all 3..... well earned!!!

Way to go, guys. Great effort.

Wow. Congratulations to all three including the rest of the team. Now if only we had a return game we could have swept all four awards. :wink:

Congratulations Stala, Cobb and Floyd, when you rise to greatness you and your team mates will rise with you as we will in Winnipeg on Sunday November 8th. Every game counts, this one is Huge, Lets come away with a victory in Winnipeg on Sunday and EAT THE BOMBERS RAW!!!!!