3 ti-cat stadium sites

What is your opinion on these.RED HILL/QEW or Aldershot or Chedoke park.It seems to me that they really want the new stadium to be visible from the highway.If those are the choices,I prefer the west harbour.I think the new stadium should be as close to downtown as we can possibly get it. Chedoke would be a great spot for an 18 hole golf resort/hotel/indoor water park.It's a nice quiet location,close to everything,and also offers hiking,biking,cross country skiing,etc. Add a downtown Casino and a shuttle service,and people may want to come to Hamilton.

Nope...The West Harbour option has landed with a resounding thud after Bob Young basically skewered the idea....Not only skewered the idea,but indirectly(and correctly) skewered that city's planning of the idea.Frankly it was spectacular and needed to be said.

Of the htree sites that should be under consideration,I thin the Confederation Park/Red Hill QEW option is the best idea.I'm not as averse to the Aldershot idea as some here are.I can't say I knw alot about the Chedoke possibility.

Unitl further notice,the Confederation Park site remains # 1 with me...

Of the 3 choices, I would say Confederation Park is the least of the evils. Unless Hamilton goes though a Pittsburgh-like transformation in the next 5 years, I question how appealing this site is.

For me, anywhere but Confederation Park, LaFarge, Studebaker Plant or the base of Centennial Parkway.

My order of preference is Downtown Core proper, Kay Drage Park (unlikely, as it would require ripping up the cemetary), West Harborfront, Chedoke Golf Course (unlikely, as it is under the protection of the Niagara Escarpment Commission and makes the city a profit), Base of Highway 6 around Northcliffe Ave or Hillsdale Ave (may be protected by the RBG though and assuming it is in Hamilton’s jurisdiction), Top of Linc/Red Hill, Airport Lands (would need massive aerotropolis commercial development).

Those weren't in the 3 choices.

Who's going buy the land from Smart Centres and Walmart? Who's going to match their plans to remediate the land, pay for sidewalks and pay for buses to come to there 7 days a week for 4 years?

QEW and Red Hill is probably the most expensive piece of land in the city right now. Bob has money. Smart Centres and Walmart have a lot more. Guess who won?

As I said Bob is too late to the party

Chedoke Golf Course is Chedoke Park, Confederation Park is what it is and Highway 6 around Northcliffe Ave/Hillsdale is the only spot I can even conceive Mr. Young meaning for the Hamilton side of Aldershot, because they are certainly not paving over part of the RBG.

When Bob Young first suggested Aldershot as a possible site in the fall I posted the following on the subject:

[i]"I fail to see how the City of Hamilton would benefit in anyway from having the stadium in Aldershot, it's in a different region. I thought Bob was a supporter of Hamilton, this would only benefit Burlington. Bob please remember that the team is the HAMILTON Tiger-Cats. If the team moved to Burlington but was still called the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, it would be a huge blow to the psyche of the city and have economic impacts. Do you think visiting teams and media would stay in downtown Hamilton, most likely they would be in Burlington Hotels. Any news reports would be by-lined Burlington. Any events at the stadium would benefit Burlington, which is now considered a suburb of Toronto.

This is what I have feared, that somehow Hamilton would get the short end again.

If the people that want to invest in the stadium want visibility, than move the stadium site to Confederation Park area, though I think that would also be a bad choice. Remember Exhibition Stadium was called the "mistake by the lake" for all the bad weather that came off the lake. How about Kaye Drage Park in the west end. There is plenty of land for parking, it is off the 403 for access and visibility and could be picturesque with views of Cootes Paradise. The only problem may be that it is over the old city dump.

Wherever the stadium goes in MUST BE IN HAMILTON and well as the Tiger-Cats."[/i]

I still think Kay Drage park would be a good spot and I don't think the cemetary would be an issue as I think it is on the other side of the tracks. The stadium at this location could easily be connected to the waterfront trail and is about a 15 minute walk to downtown.

I agree, but there is even less parking at this location and only access via likely one off ramp on the QEW and Macklin St N and very little commercial spinoff if it isn't linked to York Blvd. That and massive cheering and Oski Wee Wees so close to a Cemetery is more then a little disrespectful.

And it's this type of thinking that will sink the Ticats, stuck in the past..............the usual "this is our team" and doesn't belong to another region. The future of the Ticats is with the fans of Southern Ontario, we have to encourage and attract more fans, we have to make it a regional team.
Can you imagine Dolphin fans or Buffalo fans saying its our team and we don't want fans from other regions coming here??? Their stadiums and a few others are outside the city, the two New York teams are actually in New Jersey. The people of New Jersey as well as New York support both teams.
This is one reason why NFL teams attract huge crowds - people from all over the region consider it their team.

The future of the Ticats is trying to get a piece of the 7 million people that live in OUR region. We are just one community in this huge area.

Actually spending Hamilton taxpayers money in the Region of Halton (city of Burlington) does not benefit Hamilton taxpayers one bit. Can't see how you missed that point. It may be good for the Cats (I don't agree that it is) but if the stadium goes to another municipality then Hamilton won't be contributing a penny

I will NOT be a GTA Tiger Cat fan.... it's Hamilton or bust for this Cat fan!


As for the threee sites, Chedoke is unlikely because of the Niagara Escarpment issues as caretaker himself says.

Near Aldershot leaves me scratching my head as how I'm supposed to get there through the city. How many accces routes would that have?

QEW/ Centennial is NOT Confederation Park. caretaker has said a site NEAR there. The city has other plans for Confederation Park. It's got to be either Walmart or LaFarge, in whiich case I think not a dime of the future fund should be spent on those sites as a stadium in either location does very little for the city.

If not west harbour, then I'm all for a downtown location, with access and visibility AND rejuvenating downtown.

My bad, Hammer. Was alluding to the Downtown Core -- which would be my preference as well.

As someone who lived in the hammer for about 6 years I would have to side with the Confederation Park area idea. That area makes it decently accessible for Hamiltonians and people coming from around ontario but especially the rest of the golden horseshoe.

I'm not from Hamilton so forgive my ignorance, I too wondered about Kay Drage Park. What about Victoria Park or even Dundum(from google maps is this right or is it Dundern) Park? Someone mentioned Sir John A Macdonald School too. How good is the air quality and smell in the QEW/Redhill Creek Expressway area with the neighbouring heavy industries and the Woodward Street Sewage Plant there?


Kay Drage park is built on one of the old city dumps, (before the were called land-fills) so would be impossible to open up for construction. Probably would be more costly that Rheim site to rehabilitate. As to Woodward are, the air in the area is fine most of the time. More problems when wind blows certain ways and brings odours from the plants on Industrial.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

It's an ugly industrial site with virtually no other amenitites.

Get in you car and go home.

Seems like the alternate locations are designed to be a place where you cannot spend your money in a place other than the stadium. If that's what it takes to make the Tiger-Cats financially feasible, then who can blame them? I'll go there, pay for parking, buy tickets, beer and food and support the team, but I would not want a dime form the future fund spent for such a venture that does next to nothing for the betterment of our city.

Yooh, Kirk, get off your soap-box, the guy was just asking about the air quality in the Woodward Avenue area, and that is all I replied too. If you want to direct one of your diatribes, direct it at the fellow that asked the question, not a me!